The day I rushed home…

One day, Mom excitedly called me and said, ‘I bought your FAVOURITE snack, faster come home, ok!’ So that got me wondering what it would have been, but TRUE enough, it was REALLY x100 my all time favorite snack from Hong Kong. MEIXIN ALMOND FINGERS!! AHHHHHHH! Nope, this wasn’t bought from HK, it was sold in a 7-11 near my area!!

I immediately went down and purchase another 4 boxes. Not cheap though, but once in a while indulgences lah!! Hahaha. I think the cashier thought, ‘This person must be crazy?’ Because I let out a little squeal when I saw that there were only a few packets left! *gulps*

Now, I’m an EVEN happier person!

The niceeeeeeeeeesttttt people at 7-11 decided that they WILL stock up MORE! YIPEEEE!

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