The Girls Night Out

I’ve always liked the combination of good friends x good food x good conversations. To me that is the perfect way to spend evenings, especially if it’s on a weekday aka AFTER WORK! It’s probably the most therapeutic way to get the rest of the week pumping and going.

So the girls met for dinner at Skinny Pizza at Raffles City – it was my first time. So I was keeping my options and mind open to try new things. Thankfully few of them has been here, so with the ‘must try’ recommendations, off we went.

Truffle Fries x Sweet Potato Nibblets x Prawn

The Truffle Fries were okay initially (nothing great), but I think the flavour hits you as you eat more of it – once you start, you can’t stop eating it. I’ve not had Truffle Fries before, so not too bad for a first timer. But I think the highlight was the Sweet Potato Nibblets was one that we unanimously agree, it’s awesome! Sweetness with a tint of salty vibe in it and in no time, it was cleared from the trio. The 3rd dish had this tangy taste which was from the mangos in it, pretty unique for a starter.

*I need a little help with the 3rd dish, which I have no idea what’s the name of it, anyone?

Red Pepper & Tomato soup which actually tasted good. We were kind of afraid by the word RED PEPPER – thinking it isn’t the best combination of soups that we’re expecting.

The was probably what I was looking forward to the most! A foot long of pork sausage – YUMMS! It comes with a mustard sauce that you have to try, it’s a perfect combination. I liked it a lot, it’s juicy, not too salty and it definitely doesn’t have the porky ‘aftertaste’.

Since the name ‘Skinny Pizza’, hence it was truly ‘skinny’. For my first time, I liked it. Very different from what I thought it might be (thin crust) but it turned not too bad, the crust was like a really crispy biscuit – think Papadum minus the spice taste? The quantity is definitely not for the uber hungry, unless you’re having the entire pizza on your own?

I’m quite shortage of words on describing it, can anyone help me out?

Squid Ink Paella, it has the same consistency as a risotto. But definitely with every mouth, this is full of flavour. They are also pretty generous with the amount of squid, we all each definitely had our share of it.

My suggestion is you head to Skinny Pizza with a group of 4 and over so that you can share the food ordered. You get to try a bit of everything. We spent about $25ish per person, but trust me, we were really full. It’s been such a long time since the girls gathered and I’m glad we did!


Skinny Pizza
252 North Bridge Road
#B1-63/64 Raffles City Shopping Centre S179103

Tel: 63335069


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