Recharge x Review

I’d be away on a vacation for about 2 weeks but that doesn’t mean that I have nothing to blog during my absence… Because there will be post from my wonderful friends  during the whole time I’m away. So do check back daily as they write about themselves, what interest them or things that might be on their heart? I am equally looking forward to it as I think it’ll bring another perspective into what things are like for them either on another side of the globe or even in Singapore.

It’s my honor to have them guest blog (trust me, they are VERY interesting being) for me even though I don’t even have much readership so please be nice to them – I know all of you will, RIGHT? *winks*

As for myself, I’m definitely looking forward to this trip. It being my very first trip to Korea, I have no absolute idea what to expect but a time of recharging x reviewing what’s in my life? If you have any suggestions on where should I visit? Please drop me a comment. ^^

[Photo via Jake Herman]


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