Korea – A SEOUL(ful) Trip

[Image taken during a trip some time back]

Okay, so by the time you read this, I’d probably be a) still on my way or b) have already safely reached Seoul.

I think it’s trips like this that I really treasure – maybe because I have my Mom for company, couldn’t be more thankful for anything. For a good break in the mist of all that’s going on for life in general, not that I deserve a break BUT I think it’ll help me to run further! *thumbs up*.

Mom and myself have pretty much different personality but I think it’ll all good that we compliment one another. While she is a problem solver aka MATHS is her favourite subject, fast: chop chop no frills, [WINDOW] SHOPPING (she can forget to take her meals, forgets her daughter’s name + I think she’s also capable of forgetting what’s HER OWN NAME), very detailed planning right to the very minute VS me, who is super relac one ( actually many x1000) conners, impromptu planning kind of person, would very much love to visit museums kind of person. We’re still trying to strike a balance between what would I want to see vs what she would like to do! *headache*

But at least we have some common ground that we MUST do in Korea, so that itself is comforting to know that we’re on the same page of being excited over this trip. YES, Mommy??

Anyhow, I am definitely looking forward to this trip when I get to explain a situation with body language, speak with the silliest English ever or even with the limited vocabulary of the native language (though most of the time NO ONE gets what you’re trying to say)! You know, like do things that you can hardly do in your own country – let loose and have loads of fun!


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