Breathe in Breathe Out

Just got back 2 rolls of film from my recent trip to Korea and here’s the first post. I assure you it’ll be one of the many more post to come along which I am excited about! I’d let the images do the ‘talking’…

Maybe it’s because it’s Spring time when I visited Korea, most of the tress were either lusciously green but without any flowers or they were entirely bare which made the trees look ‘skinny’. During the day time, it was mostly sunny but with good wind and in a range of 18’C – 20’C. While the nights were as cold as 12’C – 15’C. Even as I type this, I’m already beginning to miss the awesome weather of Korea. Please teleport the weather over to Singapore or better still teleport me OVER to Korea now.

*Ps the first 3 images were taken with an older Solaris 400 film that was in the camera for about a year old while the other was a fresh new film used. And I noticed that my Olympus Mju ii has this light ring at the side of some of my images, can anyone enlighten me as to why is that happening? Thanks!!


7 thoughts on “Breathe in Breathe Out

    1. Yeah, I suspect it’s light leaks. It’s not so visible when the image is light in tonal colour but when it’s dark + a strong flash/light is shone on it, it’s super obvious. Hmm, don’t know if it’s good or bad. But can be a little distracting lah.

      Thanks thanks!! You should shoot some rolls and have them self developed. ^^

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