Seoul x Night

Korea in general is a country filled with many night scenes even on a weekday which I think it’s awesome. It keeps me wondering, don’t these people need to sleep and work the very next day? It’s a daily scene where you’ll see working adults hang out till late drinking + feasting on BBQ meat all night long and then they will end up heading to a Noraebang (Karaoke joint) to sing their hearts out. Maybe I should compile a TOP 10 things you will see in Korea real soon. This is Part 2 of my Korea Travel Adventure which I’m still slowly but surely updating on, do drop by soon. If you’re interested, here’s Part 1, which is a simple update.

Night view from a high peek at Namsan Tower. It’s amazing to see the whole landscape of Korea from this view.

Bus rides were VERY fun! Though most bus drivers drove like it was the Formula 1 race! *gulps* I had to hold on TIGHT just in case I ended up on the floor. Plus because of the awesome weather (which I CANNOT stop raving about), NO A/C is needed – natural cooling air comes right in with windows open. *thumbs up*

I could sit in a bus and get whizz around all night long. Seoul is a very colourful place which I LIKE! It’s like a huge canvas of colours everytime you sit and stare and something. Ps, I’d update with more bus rides experience.

Caffe Bene (카페베네) is like the fastest expending coffee joint in Korea. Like you’ll spot it in almost every other street away. Maybe because it has like ‘celebrity endorsement’ like a famous drama show ‘Secret Garden’. But let me warn you, it’s not really a ‘pocket/wallet’ friendly cafe for drinks/food but maybe what you’re paying is the ambience.

Coffee wise, I think they are different from what we have in Singapore – their taste is pretty weak unlike our Kopi-GAO. Most coffee in Korea taste weak unless you tell your barista that you want something ‘stronger’ thus the extra shot or two.

From what I heard it’s because most coffee joints serves pastries and they do not want the taste of each to over power one another. How true is this? Any Koreans would like to enlighten me on this?

Words of squares x boxes x circles.


4 thoughts on “Seoul x Night

  1. True, coffee is pretty weak but not sure if it’s due to the pastries (my first time hearing this, actually haha). I think more and more foreign coffee chains, like Dunkin’ Donuts, are offering strong coffee these days.

    1. Growing up in a country where coffee is thick or even better, you can ask for extra thick. I guess I’m just too used to that strong coffee taste.
      My Korean friend and I were also figuring out what are the various reason for that, I guess that is definitely not the answer. :D

    1. Nope – not trying to be artsy. Hahaha, camera was a point & shoot, couldn’t do any settings + most of the shots were taken while on bus rides, so that explains the movement.

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