Potato (Thai Band) coming to Singapore, AGAIN!

For those who have not heard the GOOD NEWS is – POTATO is heading to Singapore yet again. Nope, the ‘again’ in my sentence is not a complain BUT  it’s an expressive manner of YES!!!! AGAIN!!!!! Hahahah! Stay tune for more details once Neverland releases the pricing and all.

Ps, this is not organized by the usual guys whom I keep in contact so I’m also like you waiting for details, cool? I’m also EQUALLY anxious!! Meanwhile, head over to here, here to enjoy some of their songs.


Date: 28 June 2011 (confirm)
Time: Most likely 9 Pm onwards (TBC)
Venue: Neverland (Singapore)
Price: $28 



4 thoughts on “Potato (Thai Band) coming to Singapore, AGAIN!

  1. Hey! I’m very excited to hear this! Has been waiting since I missed the 2009 one! By the way, any idea whether underaged, as in 16,17 can enter? Thanks!

    1. Hmm, they are playing at a club venue but I have no idea what’s the age limit. You probably want to check with the venue – Neverland? Different clubs has different age limit.

      But don’t do anything ‘illegal’ ah! That I wouldn’t encourage at all. ^^

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