Marmalade TOAST

It was back to our Let’s hang out – an activity that we do after church service. This time round, we made our way to Marmalade TOAST (a subsidiary of The Marmalade Pantry) after Sophie’s recommendation on their MUST HAVE – cupcakes! I presume it must be really good because by the time we got there, all the cupcakes were SOLD OUT?! How can?! Hmmp!

So we had no other choice but to order other food which was the Pecan Tart (mine) & Lemon Tart (Soap’s) – it was (quite) below average and the service was *bleah*! The official operating hours were until 6 PM and when I wanted a refill of water at 5:30 PM, I was told that they had already shut off their machines, so I couldn’t get any hot water. Oh wells, maybe I should bring my own hot water the next time round?

The only good thing that came out of this trip was probably the Earl Grey tea that I had – the 1872 Clipper Tea Co. Pte Ltd tea infusion which I enjoyed totally! On a random note, we found the tea bags sold at Cold Storage, yay to another good choice of tea.

Despite the service (which I hope it’ll improve a teeny weeny bit) I’d still love to come by Marmalade TOAST again to have a go at the Cupcakes!!

So till next time! *cross fingers*



One Republic – Good Life


4 thoughts on “Marmalade TOAST

  1. wow… you girls hang out often after church? so cool… :) that already makes BPJ cooler than WDL. LOL! marmalade pantry eh. Their sticky date pudding is AWESOME… really :D and yes, i recently got intro-ed to clipper tea. Very nice indeed.

    1. Heheheheh! Well, that’s when Soap doesn’t have band practice lah! She’s a busy women!! We can ALSO hang out together unless you don’t mind waiting for us BPJ side to end later. OKAY? We’ll arrange!! We can go Loysel’s Toy?!!

      Yeah and I’m quite surprised to see that Clipper Tea is run by a local company, in a good way! I’m definitely supporting Clipper Tea more than anything – trying to be a little more adventurous with the tea choice too!! (:

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