Daejeon 대전

Daejeon 대전 is quite like Seoul still filled with many shopping malls but I think it’s a little quieter as compared to the city. You must be wondering, why Daejeon? Well, we wanted to experience the KTX train ride (since I’ve never taken a bullet train per se) and with a time/price limitation, Daejeon was one of the safest choice. I wouldn’t say that it was a regret coming here instead of Busan, which was our original plan. But in some sense, I think we should have been a bit more brave to venture out (Definitely the next time round I visit Korea, I’d love to drop by Busan).

The only difference that I noticed is that the width of the subway train is smaller as compared with those in Seoul and people seemed to be nicer. Since we started the journey a little later than planned, we had to cut short our trip by merely exploring the city area instead of the outskirts which might take about an hour to reach. There is a Science Park since Daejeon is famous for it’s Science and Technology or Research universities especially like KAIST which I had to give it a miss, well, science and me doesn’t go quite well together. ^^

Not too bad for a short trip out of Seoul – had fun walking and exploring the streets for fun stuff. And I can finally say “I HAVE SAT IN A BULLET TRAIN…. WHEEEEEE!’


Sights seen from the KTX train.

View from the Daejeon Station – even the air’s way nicer and the sky’s clearer than Seoul, which I think it’s a ++ point.


KTX Korail Train.

My all time favourite shot of the trip – Introducing my Mom. :D


2 thoughts on “Daejeon 대전

  1. Nice pics! Yeah, you should definitely stop by Busan when you have the chance to visit Korea again:) But the people would be a bit more aggressive hahaha

    1. Thanks thanks! I’d love to! Now with a better understanding of what Korea is like – I think the adventure streak in me is saying YES to many things!

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