Canopy – Garden Dining

A friend who has left for Australia some time this year was back in Singapore for a short study break and as our dearest friend was nesting his broken heart so the only thing we could do was to get together and sip on good coffee!

But of course, being in the land of awesome cafes – Yes, we were all VERY jealous of that fact that he’s studying in Australia (The grass is always greener on the other side, Yes?). But I’m glad to say that Singapore is slowly and surely coming up with many interesting cafes too – off we went to Canopy – Garden Dining (all thanks to Ping for the recommendation which we absolutely loved). Canopy offers good cafe ambience rather than awesome food, which I think I’d love to give it another try again.

A sniff of fresh air.

View from the inside out…

The MAIN reason why we all rejoiced – ALL DAY ‘BREAKFAST’! Way to go!

My Flat White wasn’t awesome but it’s definitely better than what’s served at commercial coffee joints out there.

I can’t remember what this dish was called but I remember it had mushrooms in it. Had a small bite and I loved it. The omelet was creamy and the mushroom choices were great!

The Eggs Benedict – soft poached eggs on english muffin with cooked ham, mixed salad and hollandaise sauce. If you haven’t had a chance to try this dish from other places, I can say that Canopy has done their good but there’s definitely still room for improvement. Like my egg yokes were on the cooked side when I was expecting it to be the runny egg yokes?

The Sticky Date Pudding that was a disappointment since many of us that were present on that day had tasted way better stuff than this. The only thing that was passable was the Vanilla ice cream which rocked! I felt that the date pudding was more of a ‘cupcake’ consistency instead of what it’s supposedly to taste like.

Fig and Honey ice cream which I was told by Ivy (she tried her’s while in NZ for a holiday) that it’s a sweet but not over powering kind of sweetness in it – true enough! I think I could have another 1 of this if it isn’t for the fact that we were all full.


2 thoughts on “Canopy – Garden Dining

    1. Hahahah! YES! We were ‘asking’ about that too. But apparently they have a separate menu for the dinner slot, but not sure what’s on it?

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