Up & Down

So recently I’ve been feeling on the low side – not quite sure how to explain but you know those down days where you just wake up feeling so low and lousy about yourself, those days when you feel so inferior to people/things, okay, basically everything around you is like all up and happy while you are all down and sad!

Being in fear of uncertainty isn’t helping much either, it’s like you’re so unsure of what is the next step in life? Having the idea of wanting to accomplish the many ‘task’ set forth for myself and when such ideas are not going as smoothly as I thought it might be, damn, I feel shitty! I’d be honest, I do sometimes think I could escape from such ‘thoughts’ by ignoring it but it’s so apparent and clear till I can’t but to only face my fears.

Thanks to friends who are keeping me sane and I know that self denial is not going to work at all – I can only surrender. Yes, it’s time to raise my flag and let it fly.


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