I’m really glad and thankful that I have a bunch of ‘foodie gang’ that has good taste buds and is those that would hunt for nice food. So off we (Sophie, Sam, Shiwen & myself) went to SWEET | SALTY | SPICY that serves Thai food at Rail Mall off Upper Bukit Timah which was a breeze to get there after church service.

This Thai restaurant is situated right next with Cafe EPICurious, which serves “All day Breakfast” and other stuff, so the good thing is, since they are right next to one another, they allow you to order from one another’s menu. So how could we have forgo trying out their coffee, right? I must say that the food from SSS was great, quite unexpected from an area in the far west of Singapore would actually serve good Thai food. We’re definitely heading back again when we have the chance.

Right down the lane is where we got our Cedele cakes from – that was the best way to end a Sunday evening. Friends, conversations, food and all smiles!


Crispy soft shell crapwith shallot, green mango, coriander & chilli dressing – $13 This is THE EPIC dish for all of us! Double thumbs up!! The crunchiness of this dish makes it not only good in taste but also interesting in terms of what’s hidden in the next bite.

Wok fried minced chicken or pork with fresh red chilli, apple eggplants & holy basil – $14 Which is the usual kra pow gai which was also good. But coming from a person who adores Thai food, I felt that it would have tasted better with stronger basil taste and an egg with it. No kra pow is complete without an egg!

Snapper fillet wrapped in a Banana leaf with red curry paste (Coconut milk and ginger) – $10 This is like otah but with a softer consistency. It has quite a fishy taste to it, so be warned, just in case you’re not a huge fan of it.

FlatWhite from Epicurious was weird, it had a funny taste which I don’t quite know how to describe. Soaps was saying that it might be because of the ‘lower grade’ coffee used. We’re hoping to give it another try with their ‘all day breakfast’ & pastries.

Blueberry Maple Cake that was AWESOME from Cedele made my day!! This was such a great find which some might claim that Cedele doesn’t exactly serves good cake BUT you’re wrong.

Real Dark Chocolate Cake brought smiles!


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