Gordon Ramsay tries Sharksfin Soup for the first time

He may be the meanest chef on reality TV but for the fact that he actually tries to get restaurants to boycott the dish, HE ROCKS!

Personally, I’ve never really been a fan of Sharksfin soup even though the dish signifies prestige (which I don’t really care) and truthfully it doesn’t taste that great either. You can definitely substitute the shark’s fin with anything similar and it’ll still taste the same. I’d rather have Hot & Spicy soup (酸辣湯) Sichuan styled with loads of vinegar.

I’m glad many people are slowly taking measures on how to curb the demand of the Sharksfin. Some may say that how can these small measures stop people from eating? I know it’s not an immediate kind of effect, but if lesser restaurants/shops are selling means lesser demand and then there would be less hunting. So do YOUR part by helping put all these to a stop!


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