Guest Blog: Chinatown

Hello, it’s Michelle, back in the don’t kay siao house again with more Bangkok photos to share!

I have been to Bangkok quite a few times in the past few years but this trip was the first time that I ventured into Bangkok’s Chinatown. Being quite a fair distance from Bangkok central where I was stayed, I hailed a tuk-tuk to get there. It was a long way through lots of dark and gloomy streets before the tuk-tuk suddenly burst out into this bright and rowdy thoroughfare that instantly reminded me of Hong Kong! It was incredible! All the street hawkers were out there doing their thing, cooking up a storm and trying to tempt the hungry souls walking past them. After having my fill of tomyum soup, I eventually ended up in a quiet sidelane for desserts where the hawkers catered more to the residents rather than the tourists. If you haven’t been to Bangkok’s Chinatown yet, make sure you mark it down in your itinerary the next time!

xx Michelle.


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