Korea 2011 – Day 05

Started off the day with a cup of coffee mix… I’d be completely honest, Korean coffee isn’t quite what I expected; it’s rather blend and weak in coffee taste. I’d say it’s quite like sugar water but that might just me my opinion.

These Hodugwaja are the bomb (Filled with red bean and walnuts) – Think I had them almost every time I came across them

As we knew that it’ll be a long night ahead for us, took the opportunity to chill a bit before we headed out for Namsan Tower aka NSeoul Tower. As we knew that there could be a slight walk up a hill (thankful for the nice weather, if not I might have faited!)

Touristy shots…

Night scenery

We tried a million and one possibilities of trying to take a photo with that night view and this served as the best photo out of the lot.


Day 05 Day 05

The ever famous Lover’s Lock on the outdoor deck.

And we finally found a tent place to eat, think Korean drama style! Funny thing was, such tents weren’t that easily spotted in the city area, so of course we couldn’t give up this chance when we had it.

Tteokbokki is probably one of my favourite street snack from Korea, not quite Mom’s though. But I got a shock when I first taste the ones in Korea as they were way spicier than the ones I’ve had in Singapore and when a Korean says it’s not spicy, you can’t quite trust them on that.

Eomuk Odeng is the best for the cold season.


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