Old vs New

I have been coming across many singers these days who knows the essence of such classic songs and have decided to do a version of their own, which I feel that it’s an awesome choice!! The tough part of singing such songs is that it would often be compared with the original singer who obviously did a wonderful job, if not it wouldn’t be known as a classic song, right? But in all that, I had fun listening to the newer generation singers who has also done a great job in injecting a life of their own to the remake of these songs.

So here’s a compilation of songs that has been on my current playlist, both new and old!

Do you have any other old vs new songs that you have taken fancy of? Let me know!

กระแซะเข้ามาซิ (Gra-sae Kao Maa Si)

เปาวลี พรพิมล

Singto Namchok


Dunk Phunkorn

신사동그사람  (Shinsadong Geu Saram) (The man at Shinsadong)

주현미 (Choo Hyun-mi)

F.T. Island

그대 눈물까지도 (Geudae Nunmul Kkajido)

투투 (Two Two)

F.T. Island

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You

Glenn Medeiros

Khalil Fong (方大同)

ความรักทำให้คนตาบอด (Kwam Ruk Tam Hai Kon Dtaa Bot)


Rose Sirinthip

The 38 Years Ago


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