Ramen Champion @ Illuma


So I finally had a chance to try out the Ramen Champion that is at Illuma (Singapore) for quite a period of time but fret not for those who hasn’t got any chance on trying these goodies, it’ll be around till June 2012. Trust me, you’ll be spoiled for choice from the 6 ‘ramen stalls’ and deciding on what to eat is quite a headache. I even had to call Sophie who has been there previously to ask what she has eaten and if it was worth trying? In the end, I had a go at the BARIO (バリ男) Ramen – reason being, they were the only chefs that greeted me while I was still deciding on what I should order. So +++ for service and it turns out that Bario is one of the few famous choices, as told by Sophie, they were sold out the last time she went.

My meal cost $15 with an egg that came in a huge bowl with mountain high ingredients



As excited as we were, Soaps and myself HAD to get our ramen craving settled! Yes, I am NUTS! 2 days of ramen in a row, but still not bored of it.. Sophie got the Ikkousha ramen while I had a go at the Tetsu ramen. I have to agree with her that ramen must be complimented with BEER; Sapporo which is awesome!! It washes away the oil in your ramen without taking away the flavours!

I personally liked the Tetsu more than the Bario – maybe because of the choice of ramen noodles + it wasn’t that mountain huge, so the portion made it less intimidating.

Check out their Facebook page for more updates/details.


Ramen Champion
201 Victoria Street,
Iluma @ Bugis


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