French Press

So this year, Mom and myself made a small kind of agreement (I wouldn’t call it a resolution) that we will be on a look out for good coffee, actually BLACK coffee!! So I’ve been telling her that we should start investing in a French Press that Sophie has been telling me it’s awesomeness and how easy it is to actually make a good cup of coffee. So the quest of finding a French Press begins…

Any recommendation or what are the things that I should be looking out for?




4 thoughts on “French Press

  1. Hi – that’s a good resolution to start the year with. However, if you want smoother and arguably more fun coffee – try the AeroPress. It’s like a science project!

  2. Heyhey! Great investment to start the year. :) Main thing is to make sure the plunger is tight fitting so the coffee grounds don’t come up when you pour the coffee out! The rest of the features are more or less just aesthetic :)

    1. Hahaha, it’s like, FINALLY!! We used to have those filters but stopped buying them as soon as they ran out, don’t like the idea of 1 filter per day – not cost efficient at all. Words of wisdom from the expert – definitely on a lookout. Thanks!!

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