The Mother’s Birthday

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3 In celebration for Mommy

To a year of great HEALTH, wonderful time spent HOLIDAY-ING, SHOPPING, EATING and ALWAYS HAVING FUN!! I couldn’t be more thankful for a wonderful mother like YOU – one who has sacrificed so much for me and this family! So may this important day be one that you feel loved, pampered and treated like a queen all because you deserve it!! Continue to stay funny, funky and more fun moments in life!

Ps: I’m glad you loved the flowers I got you which I thought it was very ‘You’ in terms of the colours and how beautiful they looked in all angles.


2 thoughts on “The Mother’s Birthday

    1. The only thing I could have done for her though I wished I could buy her diamonds & what nots, but true words from the bottom of my heart!

      I hope school’s great for you!!

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