Things in the city


Nothing beats having great food with a great lunch kahki facing a great view. Thanks Twinny!! You really made my days working in this fast pace area a whole lot better! Though it was brief moments, but it’s moments of bearing the heart and soul on what’s happening around us these days! I’m so going to miss it.

On another note of awesome finds –  chee chong fun, peng kueh for lunch isn’t a bad idea too! Think #archivingsg. Located on the ground level of The Arcade, I’m always served by 2 ‘smiling’ aunties that are most probably the nicest people around in the city area!

Untitled Untitled


Not only myself but many others out there too had no idea that such signage even existed other than the typical yellow ones, so you can imagine how excited I was when I saw this. Plus it was NEON GREEN! Maybe I should get one for my own usage.

The message couldn’t be any clearer than this! Simple and right in your face – FIND ME MY IPOD NOWWWW!

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i Light on a random Friday night with a colleague who was also working late in the office. It’s such a nice way to quieten down the chaotic week and get some inspiration, maybe a ‘light bulb’ moment to get those braincells moving.

Visited this quaint bookstore: Precious Words – Bookstore With A Difference located right at the heart of CBD after a colleague went on a ‘books buying rampage’ and she snapped up like tonnes of good reads for a fraction of the original cost all because they were having discounts up to 50% (it might have been more, not quite sure about that). The cool thing about this place is that they do rental of books too, which I think it is an awesome idea, which allows me to read at a lower cost! (Of course, NLB still rocks my socks). Note, that full payment of the books is needed upfront, unless you are returning it after less than a month of reading period, they would refund you 60% of what the cost of the book is. Don’t we all need good books to keep us sane in this insane world!!?

16 Collyer Quay, #01-03, Hitachi Tower, Singapore 049318

Untitled Untitled

Have a great weekend ahead, it’s not where you are but it’s the company that matters the most, even if it’s in the company of a couple of books and a cup of good coffee in hand.


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