Riot !n Magenta

I first heard Eugenia Yip was when she sang at my cousin’s wedding which I was totally captivated by her tone of voice. Later, I found out that she was actually a fellow schoolmate of mine! yes, LASALLE rocks!! Of course, she wasn’t doing such genre at my cousin’s wedding (not that it’s impossible), but instead it was more more jazz numbers that totally caught our ears. Side note: I CANNOT stress how important it is to have good music at weddings!!

So it wasn’t until recently that I came across her other band that she has called Riot !n Mengenta which caught my attention by the unique arrangements of their pieces which is rarely heard here in Singapore – even though it’s a total complete opposite of what I’ve first heard her but her tone of voice still lingers starkly in my mind, in a good way!!

Random BUT honest feelings – SUPPORT SINGAPOREAN ARTIST!


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