The Coastal Settlement

Located right at the other end of where most of my friends and myself stay, so the usual reaction you get when you tell your friends that we should have a gathering in Changi would be “Yao mou gao chor ahhh?” or directly translated as “Are you serious/crazy/for real?”. So I’m all smiles when we finally made our way to The Coastal Settlements after hearing so much about this awesome place. In life what more can I ask for – friends, conversations, food, chill and a wonderful discovery!

Off we go…

The Coastal Settlements

Such gorgeous blue which I was reminded of “The sky’s the limit”, a phrase I often tell myself! Singapore never felt so beautiful before!

The Coastal Settlements

After a good whole hour of driving, we arrived and a rustic sign greeted us that immediately sets the mood right.

The Coastal Settlements

*NOTE: A good advice is to call and reserve seats just in case by the time you travel all the way down and is left with nothing. There are both out and indoor seats, so do specify what you’ll like.
We had the outdoor seating and had quite a bit of a mosquito(sssssssss) attack but what later was told by friends that they might have been sand flies because the itch on the bites lasted quite a few days for Sophie and myself. Whatever it was, it was definitely fierce and HUNGRY!! Grrrr! Yes, this is definitely something to take note off when choosing your seats!! Choose WISELY!

It was quite a last minute decision to actually make reservation so by the time I called we were left with either indoor sitting but for a limited time only or an outdoor one that could last us all the way till the night.

The Coastal Settlements

The good thing about sitting outside is you’ll definitely be greeted by an awesome view, fresh air, breathable space for thoughts to wander and great lighting (which made the photos even nicer)! This was taken when it was about to sun set, so you can totally imagine how it felt to be transported to another country for that brief moment.

The Coastal Settlements

The interior of the cafe which I didn’t get to explore much because it was bustling with patrons all over and most of my photos ended up with blur shots of people moving around. But I’d be back again to Coastal Settlements, this time, a bit earlier when the crowd is lesser to take more photos. But the warmth feeling stays throughout in and out of cafe, which is what I liked most about TCS.

The Coastal Settlements The Coastal Settlements

The Coastal Settlements The Coastal Settlements

FOOD wise, there were thumbs up and down too.
The Spicy Salami Pizza ($21) and Portobello Mushroom Fries got our thumbs UP while the Roasted Chicken got our thumbs DOWN. The only good thing that came along the chicken were the truffle fries, I must say that it’s not too bad.

The Coastal Settlements

The Coastal Settlements The Coastal Settlements

Portobello Mushroom Fries ($15) – Crispy on the outside, juicy and succulent on the inside. No joke!! I like how generous they were with the chucks of portobello mushroom that was fried to perfection. I’m not quite sure if the mayo that came along with it was the normal ones or from what I read it might have been truffle mayo. Tell me if you know?

The Coastal Settlements

Warm Almond Cake ($12)

The Coastal Settlements

My latte was okay (Not fantastic but could do better) and this was Sophie’s Hazelnut Latte which she claims that it can never taste wrong with an extract added to coffee.

The Coastal Settlements

Friends that I couldn’t have asked for more than anything!! Let’s have a FULL turnup of The Alternative Kids the next time round, okay?

I’d definitely love to come back and try more food on it’s menu but all for one day’s experience, it was great!!

200, Netheravon Road
Singapore 508529
Telephone: 6475 0200

Tuesday – Sunday { 10.30am till 12 Midnight } Last order for Food @ 9:45pm 
serving: All Day Breakfast, Lunch ,Tea / Coffee Break, Dinner, Happy Hours & ‘Happier Hours!’.

*Unless Monday falls on a Public Holiday or it’s eve, it would remain close*

The good thing though would be TCS isn’t only accessible by cars (++ point is that there were aplenty of parking lots available next to the cafe) as we saw a bus stop right outside too (Check out Bus No. 29).



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