It’s a Process

Midnight chat with a friend (THANKS J) about career moves got me thinking! She had words of wisdom ‘moments’ that I think I ought to really learn from and I wished I could copy + paste the whole conversation here, but, I shall not bore you with my queries! I guess this is also a reminder to myself what I am really gaming up myself for…

”    ” are her replies to my questions/thoughts which definitely has got my straighten up and onward moving!

My worries of a career switch of direction at this moment – “Getting uncomfortable is really part of the process…”
Like a lost sheep or worst still, I’m like a chicken without it’s HEAD!! – “Learning things, half the time you’re learning on your own, experimenting all the time. what works, what doesn’t…”
I’m 101% fearful for the fact that this career change at this age – “Mine’s changing all the time…”
So what my resume/portfolio should look like? – “Minus all the fluff…”
Last words for me – “So if you really don’t mind, saddle up for the adventure ahead…”

With that, I’m off to reflect about what’s been said and told!


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