Korean Film Festival 2012 – Romantic Korea

A text from a friend came in and it went like this “Would you like to go with me and watch a Korean film”… “SURE, why not?!” Not knowing that there was such events held in Singapore, I did a quick search about Korean Film Festival and I’m surprised that this is already a 2nd year running and I’m glad to be part of it this year, all thanks to Michelle!! We’re going to watch Architecture 101, so see YOU if I do!

Embassy of Republic of Korea, Singapore Film Society and Luna Films presents the Korean Film Festival 2012 – an opportunity to watch the films that represent some of the best of Korean romantic dramas since KFF 2011. This year they are bringing in 4 films based on the theme “Romantic Korea”!


1. Architecture 101 [건축학개론] (2012)

Architecture 101

Two students Seung-min (Lee Je-hoon) and Seo-yeon (Bae Suzy) who met at an an introductory architecture class and fall in love with each other and the story takes place 15 years later, after Yang Seo-yeon (Han Ga-in) tracks down, Lee Seung-min (Uhm Tae-woong), her first love to seek his help in building her dream house.

You might find familiar faces like Lee Je-hoon (Fashion King), pop star Bae Suzy (Miss A), Uhm Tae-woong (2D1N) and Han Ga-in (Witch Yoo-hee) in this movie which I know is an amazing cast! Check out AsianWiki for more facts about the movie.

2. Sunny [써니] (2011)


Wikipedia: “Sunny is a South Korean film about a middle-aged woman who tries to fulfill her friend’s dying wish of reuniting their group of high school friends. The film alternates between two timelines: the present day where the women are middle-aged, and the 1980s when they were in high school.” Read more about the film from AsianWiki.

3. Couples [커플즈] (2011)

[Image credit: http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Couples.php]

A romantic comedy – Read more here.

4. My Secret Partner [완벽한 파트너] (2011)

[Image credit: http://www.koreanfilm.or.kr/jsp/films/index/filmsView.jsp?movieCd=20112934]

AsianWiki: “Screen writer Joon-Suk (Kim Young-Ho) desperately needs new inspiration and prospective writer Yeon-Hee (Yoon Chae-Yi) is full of passion, but struggles because of lack of creativity. Cook researcher Hee-Sook (Kim Hye-Sun) is desperate to develop new cooking ideas. Her student Min-Soo (Kim San-Ho) is full of novel ideas. Beyond the relationship of teacher and student, 2 couples’ touch-and-go relationship continues … More


Visit KOREANFILMFESTIVAL.LUNAFILMS.COM.SG for more details on the availability of shows!
Ps: I’ve just checked and some shows have already been SOLD OUT


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