C.Y.A.N Breakthrough Weekend (BTW)

CYAN Breakthrough Weekend

So this concludes my very first CYAN Breakthrough weekend which whizzed past very quickly and it wasn’t as heavy laden as I thought it might have been, which is a good thing. I think the Lord knows how unprepared I was for this BTW; He gently nudges me and picks me up subtly without rocking my world upside down.

Coming into BTW, I had this terrible thinking of how much the Lord wouldn’t have loved me because of my defiance towards Him or even stopped wanting to know Him more. But the Lord was reminding me of why and how much he has loved me and it pains His heart to even know that I might have forsaken Him and I’m glad it was a temporal phase.

Prior to BTW, I deliberately took a social media fast which I felt that it was distracting me too much which I must say it was a good break and had the chance to get back into proper reading! We should all do this once a while, purging what’s not necessary and taking up good reading material.

“The heavens declare YOUR greatness
The oceans cry out to YOU
So I’ll join with the earth and I’ll give my praise to YOU!”


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