With thanks…


So the story goes, I got hired and would be starting work on the 21st January! It is going to be a big milestone in life as it’s an industry I’ve always dreamt of working for, not that it is any glamourous but you know I really appreciate a good bunch of creative people who takes pride in visual solving!

There are so many things that I could be thankful for:

– God for opportunities, sticking by me even when I was close to ignoring Him, answering 101 (rude) questions that I had, door openings and sending wonderful friends to me. My prayer is that you continue to keep me rooted and close to You! As I celebrate this opportunity, I pray that it would be a skill to give glory to You!

– Mom for being so understanding! Thankfully her nags weren’t that constant and she knew that I wasn’t have a great time either, so THANKS Mom for knowing when to stop and when to nudge me!!

– People/Friends for their encouragements, constant support, telling me to be confident of myself, for listening to my rants, food treats (breakfast, lunch, dinner; you name it, they did it) so that I wouldn’t go hungry and free rides home (at least I didn’t need to walk home when my Ezlink card was -$2)

You know who you’ll are, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!


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