Back to Ground Zero

There’s this “Every Other Wednesday” that has been on going in my company where they give out something related to the alphabet of the week. And now we’re done with the entire series and it’s Z for ZERO! As much as many fear the word and I’m like no other, I thought what would it be like to be back to ground zero (0)? Untainted, de-cluttered, rewind, relearn are probably the words that comes to mind, not like it’s the most comfortable situations to be in. As much as starting afresh is a very daunting thought, but at the same time, quite liberating too. This was the year that I had to learn many new skills since I’ve started at my ‘new’ workplace. Fearful, but I’ve learnt to not let that get in the way as it’ll tire me out very easily, but face it with God’s strength!!

Despite starting a new, I hope you have found courage to walk through this journey and not fear!


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