Windowsill Pies – So we went pie hunting

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Despite the fact that my Saturday didn’t start out well, I’m glad that it ended well in the mist of a friend that I am extremely thankful for! For the fact that she was willing to travel all the way down just to try the pies with me! Yes, Soaps, you’re the BESTEST! Hahaha! Okay, back to the wonderful pies, I can only describe them as something magical! We had the mint flavoured one and it was awesome; packed with strong flavours. But I’d say, get a pie to share, couldn’t finish the entire piece without feeling it was too much to handle.

Another recommend try has got to be the VODKA COCONUT PIE (Pictured at the bottom right), it’s really awesomely packed with flavours. They definitely have no scrimping of vodka. I heard it’s a good whole 1 shot in each pie. But that said, you must like the bitter aftertaste of vodka which is very similar to the taste of the pie, but a tad sweeter.

Do take note of the opening hours:

Tue-Thur: 11am – 9.30pm
Friday: 11am – 10.30pm
Saturday: 10am – 10.30pm
Sunday: 10am – 9.30pm

Closed on Mondays


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