“Aeroplane” by Charlie Lim

– I’d really love to let you hear how the song goes, but it has been taken down from Soundcloud. I’d say, enjoy the lyrics then and anticipate for his album release –

I only tell the truth because I love you
But all my words kept pushing you away
Remember the time when all the terms was simple
Holding out the doubt for better days

You can never know if you’ve tried your best
When you think you’ve still got time
So I stretched my sorrow across the cracks
To see if we’d intertwine

Every night I’m terrified of losing
A war we never won
And life keeps spinning
Like a broken record

But I won’t catch you if you let go
I’ll pick apart the things you let fold
If that’s what you want I guess we’ll move on
I’m sorry
I’m sorry

I only tell the truth because I miss you
But there you stood so many worlds away
We’d scale the walls just before they crumble
Put it on the line just to reel it in

You were tempted by the devil’s flesh
I was jealous as a God
So omniscient yet helpless
In a life out on your own

And while you sparkled in a different scene
I tunnelled through the hours
Replaying the past
Just like a broken record

A recent conversation between a friend went something like “How come we don’t get songs written about us!??” Lyrics, they make or break! But something like this is so heart wrenching, I can almost feel the pain and I must mention that my favourite line in this song has got to be “So I stretched my sorrow across the cracks, To see if we’d intertwine”… I’d leave things hanging right here, just because I don’t know how I should wrap up this post, off to think about life.

Disclaimer: This isn’t the official name, till then, I’d keep it as Aeroplane as how Charlie Lim introduced this song during the Mosaic Fest gig and please do check out the lyrics; so beautiful!!


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