BACKPACKS for Women x Zalora

If you’re like me on how I used to think backpacks were meant to be for guys or how they were fitted only with outfits that were more tomboyish; you’re not alone. But now with a wider range of styles and colours, BACKPACKS FOR WOMEN are no longer subjected to just plain black ones. To me I see backpacks as:

1. Convenience – With the ability to free up my hands and not having to fuss over things weighing over my arms. Being the forgetful person, I love how I know that it’s safely on my shoulders without having to leave things lying around; and later scramble to find it back. With my hands free up, navigating within a crowd is also easier.

2. Comfort – Having an even distribution of the bag’s load on my shoulders and body; knowing that I will not end up with an aching either side of my shoulders.

3. Versatile – From roughing it out to those sweet dates, a backpack is never shy of making a fashion statement that compliments any outfit put together. A nice backpack can also bring out your personality in many ways with various shapes and colours for every occasion.

Here’s a range of styles with a backpack tagged for every occasion, hope it inspires you in some way or another.

Bacpacks for Women - Sunday Morning

Bacpacks for Women - Sweet dreams are made of these

Bacpacks for Women - Breathe In

Bacpacks for Women - Friendship never ends!


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