Two Popetorn – Music From Another Room

So here was my first installment of introducing Two Popetorn and he’s now back with his second album called “Music From Another Room” and in it is a song titled “Something Special” which has a tag that goes like “The best thing you can put on your face is smile”; how beautiful is this statement which I totally agree with, indeed the best accessory someone can have is his/her smile.

This is an album filled with songs for that lazy afternoon while you sit on the edge of the world and see it fly pass and here you are enjoying life as it is. With his previous songs that has a more romantic feel, this album on the other hand seems to have matured in the arrangements (even though I have yet to breakdown into individual songs/lyrics) but it still leaves me feeling all fluffy inside! Coming from the record label company LOVEiS, I definitely hear traces of Boyd Kosiyabong (Founder) who is known for his grooves in this album. Unknowinly, you’ll find yourself moving to the beats to his songs which I couldn’t be any happier to get my hands on!

You can check out Music From Another Room on iTunes for a preview and do let me know if there is any particular song that you like from his album, would love to hear what you think?

แค่เป็นเธอ (Khae Pen Ther)

เพื่อนกันทุกที (Peuan Gun Took Tee) feat. Buddha Bless | Translation

พูดทำไม (Poot Tummai) | Translation

[Credits: Album image from]


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