Earl Grey Inspired

Got to admit that usually tea isn’t my first choice but I have to give special mention to Earl Grey Tea which is made up of to black teas that contain oil of bergamot as a flavouring which results in a citrus flavour and aroma and it is this that makes it different from the other black tea range.

With the earl grey tea cravings on a roll, here are two places that I’ve had good loaf/cakes that has a very subtle yet flavorful with every bite.

Do let me know if you have come across any good ones here in Singapore too as it seems like a rare flavour to have; I’d love to try them.

1. Alison/All good things – Right now she doesn’t have a physical shop but do email her to order her bakes. I really do miss All good things and hopefully it’ll be back in no time. Had to also do a special mention to their Zucchini and Coconut cake which I adore too because of all the textures in each bite – moist yet crunchy.

Earl Grey Loaf

2. And all things delicious – Located at Crawford Lane which is near the ICA Building; it’s a small shop with less than 10 seating space but good choices of deserts is no less. I had a tough time deciding between this earl grey loaf or the gula melaka scones which looked equally tasty.

Earl Grey Loaf

With that said, I still have a tin of earl grey tea leaves from Kusmi Tea which was given to me a while ago. Haven’t exactly decide on what to do with it, either I drink up the tea or after getting all inspired I ought to get myself an oven and learn to bake but of course drinking up the tea sounds like an easier task right? But yes if anyone is up for baking and wouldn’t mind having an extra guest aka ME; I’m all in!!


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