River Island x Zalora

I’d be completely honest, tried to come up with 101 reasons as to why you should take a look at River Island Women’s clothes, but I failed terribly – all because one doesn’t need any reason to shop, right? So if you take a peek at my cupboard, you’ll notice that my clothes are mostly made up of prints but these days, I’ve been on a lookout for solids too. Gave thought about it, so you can take away my prints but colour isn’t something that I can compromise on. I need to have either or – prints or colour!



I knew I had to sneak in my favourite pieces out of the whole collection even though it doesn’t seem to belong to the same category. That marble print sweatshirt and floral print dress is definitely up on my list – I LOVE IT! This is quite out of the typical marble swirls that usually comes in grey/white, with a hint of colour mixed in (don’t we all need some colour in our lives?), definitely is a statement making sweatshirt. I have something similar to that floral top too, which is made up of galaxy prints that always get me the compliment, so I thought this would do the same for you too. To top it off, these 2 pieces are very reasonably priced.


Screen shot 2015-03-15 at PM 08.28.26

Start shopping, xxx!


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