Hari Raya x Zalora

As much as I like how the intricate the details of a traditional baju kurong looks like but at the same time I agree that with a tasteful twist on traditionally looking clothes, it can turn out to be wearable and not forgetting making a fashion statement. Since these clothes were designed with a better understanding of proportion and materials suited for our climate (think hot Singapore), so I believe these modern pairings of clothes would definitely be a better fit for ladies!

The latest collection from ZALORA features a wide range of clothes is out to prove that you can look fashionable yet maintaining the need of traditionally ket items in the wardrobe. I have put together a series of clothes and hope you’ll like what I picked out based on another kind of perspective.

Happy Hari Raya shopping and don’t forget to tag #ZALORASg on your Outfit of the Day (#ootd) as I would love to see how you style the pieces too.


With staple items, you can mix and match them to your needs. Who says being on budget has got to compromise on looks; you’re still looking fabulous! And if I were to choose 1 item out of the range that I picked out, that would have to be the White blouse with extended sleeves shown at the very first look.


I choose a more feminine approach with this range, even though it isn’t quite my personality but I actually like some of these pieces featured.


Can I say that I LOVE ALL THE COLOURS in this range! Even though I might not celebrate the occasion, but I can totally see myself in these (if there’s a ever a day that I’d need to). No doubt the fact that you’ll make quite an entrance and bold statement with such happy colours!


2 thoughts on “Hari Raya x Zalora

    1. At least I can see that for Korean or even Thai. Like the latest Chanel collection held in Seoul DPP! Interesting prints and nice to see how traditional can be utilized in modern times.

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