Bridesmaid Dresses x Zalora

I had the privilege of being my best friend’s bride’s maid so I know how difficult it was to choose and settle on a bridesmaid dress due to the differences in taste (design/colour/material), even body shape and budget. But at the end of the day, when we look back at the photos during the wedding day, the vision of a fun filled wedding is undeniably shown. The couple had decided that it would be a POLKADOTS theme (which definitely tells much about how fun it’ll already be) quite unlike the tradition of sweet/romantic. The girls had blouses with while the guys had bow-ties with dotted prints.


I’ve put together a list of what to lookout for when choosing the bridesmaid dresses. Now start shopping, have loads of fun and look forward to that all important day!

– It’s tough choosing the right colour, but you generally can’t go wrong with ‘safe’ colours like blue or black, but of course go ahead and be adventurous if the bride gives her thumbs up, go ahead and have some fun.
– A tip on deciding the colour palette for the bridesmaid dress is by having a look at the wedding invitation card or the wedding decorations.
– You’ll want an outfit that compliments the bride and yet not looking hideous in the dress; getting the right kind of compliment would be ideal.

– You wouldn’t want to be in a dress that hinders too much as most of the time you’re needed to help the bride.
– Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the dress could be worn even after the wedding itself (think LBD or 2 piece outfit); think cost effectiveness.
– At the same time, having a dress that suits the tropical weather right here in Singapore so that you wouldn’t be caught in a situation where comfort is compromised.

Bridesmaid Dresses x Zalora

Bridesmaid Dresses x Zalora

Bridesmaid Dresses x Zalora

Bridesmaid Dresses x Zalora


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