Itchy Itchy Scratchy Scratchy

*insert eczema picture*

This past week has extremely toiling on my body as I had one of the worst eczema out break, not that I had many of such encounters, if fact this is only my 2nd time (prayerfully the last!).  To spare you’ll from the agony of looking at something unpleasant because even I was taken aback as to how bad I looked – just use your imagination of red bumps all over the hands, back and legs. I couldn’t get to sleep for more than 2 hours straight and I would find myself waking up to the itch. I know the drill of how important it was on not scratching but it was so difficult to keep my hands off limits.

This time it was so bad that I had to see a doctor and got myself jabbed with antihistamine and steroid. Now 5 days after the grueling ordeal, I’m much better (AMEN!), less scratchy and less cranky (I blame it on the lack of sleep). I’ve been told to moisturize as often as I can (least once in the night) but I feel like a grease ball and especially not a fan of the sticky feeling but if the doctor says so.

I’ve been introduced to a whole new world of moisturizers:

  • Physiogel – I personally uses this but honestly isn’t the cheapest for a small sized bottle.

  •  QV – A friend mentioned that it retails at a cheeper price at Beauty Language (in Singapore) as compared to other places.

  • Aveeno – Seems to be more popular in the western region and I can’t seem to find it easily available in my country.

  • Cetaphil – I do use this brand for my facial wash but have yet to try their moisturizer.




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