Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

There’s been a recent Bingsu craze right here in Singapore, not that I’m complaining, but with such stiff competition, I’m not sure what’s the best? Having came across these on a friend’s Instagram page plus they have newly opened in the west – no better reason for us to try!

Injeolmi Toast

Injeolmi Toast – $5.90

I first tried Injeolmi when I was in Korea a few years ago and fell in loved with the chewy texture and nutty flavour. The ones served at Nunsaram which was incorporated with the toast was equally packed with flavours. Though the toast took longer to prepare, but so glad it was worth the wait. Crispy on the outside while it’s hot and chewy on the inside with every bite filled with big mouthfuls of injeolmi. I like how generous they were with the fillings and as seen, almonds and cranberries were no less. I would suggest to finish it while it’s still warm because when we left ours aside and it had hardened by a bit.

Green Tea Bingsu

Green Tea Bingsu – $13.90 
(I think there was an opening special price as we had it at Westgate which was a new location)

The ice shavings were very smooth and finely milled which made it easy on the pallet. With a good mix of sweetness from the milk and red bean with the slight bitterness of the green tea, I am totally sold over how much these bingsu’s have been raved about. Special mention for the ice cream which left a faint aftertaste which we could not make out what it was, of course it was a nice lingering flavoured with every bite. I honestly thought I could finish up one of these all by myself, but trust me, the portion is huge enough for at least 2-3 persons.

Siblings I never had

Of course, this is for friends that goes out of the way and is always ever gamed enough to try new places with me. I might not have mentioned this enough, but you people mean a lot to me.


4 thoughts on “Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

  1. Reblogged this on greentealicious and commented:
    That Green Tea Bingsu looks so good! I wish there was a Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe in australia… their menu looks so good!

    but hopefully I can find that green tea bingsu in a local korean cafe.

    1. I certainly hope you can find a bowl of tasty green tea bingsu soon!! I’ve got a friend who’s a green tea-holic too, literally every single time we head out, we’re bound to eat something green tea related. (:
      Thanks for the reblog mention.

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