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I go by the name of Euphemia Toong (yeap, that’s my birth name); 101% born, bread and living in Singapore. I post every milestone of my life – as I travel to seek and understand what’s on the other side of the world, sipping on a good cup of coffee (kopi-o or latte it can be), a good understanding of the latest trend up in town or even when I discover a tune or two.

While having a curiosity for life, probing into every possibility, I realised there is so much this blog has been through with me. Certainly hope that you’ll continue to stay with me on this journey and that I don’t bore you out.

*Btw Don’t Kaysiao means “don’t bluff”, “come on”, “don’t be fake” in Singlish; a very true Singaporean at heart. It was for an ‘identity’ project in a school project and thus this ‘identity’ stuck through with me till date.

For a person who doesn’t bite (REALLY!), feel free to drop me an email at dont.kaysiao [at] gmail.com for any suitable collaborations.


25 thoughts on “About Me

    1. Nope, have not heard of them before. Are they new or a band that has been formed previously but released a new single? Nice!!

      So I see that Thailand is treating you well huh? Enjoying it so far?

    1. Yeap, I did and it was good as usual! The only thing I would say is, his voice sounded a little on the rough side. BUT it was still good!

      1. oh i see…i got to give it a miss cuz i got something important to finish that night….so what have you been up to??

  1. good to have someone who shares the same interest in thai music but sadly, the thai good music are never available in good record stores in singapore. i get my stash from golden mile and in bangkok (if i visit there).

    singaporeans have the misconception that thailand is a land for dirty farangs to hang out in but look alittle deeper, they are still a country run with warm hearts.

    glad to have found another fellow singaporean who’s into thai culture.

    1. I totally agree – there’s definitely way more to Thailand than what is always perceived as. But hey, at least they are getting there. Actually a few music festivals has invited a Thai bands to play but because it’s a public thing – it has to be mostly sung in English.

      A few years back Silly Fools came (when they had a new English album) and graciously sang 1 Thai song – it was epic!!

      Same here but thankfully I have Thai friends who usually get the albums for me and either send them down or during my holiday there. You could check out http://www.ethaicd.com too. Has an extensive choice of Thai original CDs + USD is in a good rate now, so YAY!

      Nice to know that there’s someone out there who definitely sees more to what Thailand has to offer!

      1. i have to say ethaicd.com was my first ever online shopping experience! have a good friend working in there so yup. silly fools disbanded and the lead singer went into a band called ‘hangman’ which also disbanded recently. was talking to their tour manager and he too was shocked at the decision for Toh to quit music totally.

        Hope you were at Potato’s performance 2 weeks back!

  2. hi! came across yr blog when i was googling for potato’s concert! i’m a thai music/culture/food/language lover too! so glad to be here! unfortunately, i hav no frens interested in thai language and music.. got to force them to go with me everytime! haha..

    1. it was the same for me too until I became so persistent in introducing good Thai music to some of my friends that they gave in and listened – till then none has regretted. Anyways, the Potato’s concert in Singapore has been released. $28 for pre-sale tickets. Check out the Neverland FB page. Hope to see you. ^^

  3. Hi,came across your website while goggling for the eng sub for เธอยัง (you still) by potato….a Nice and cool website you have created….i love the Land of Smile too….feel so relax whenever i visit the country…although i had travel to thailand so many times,but i never been to bangkok as it remind me of singapore…everywhere high rise building with traffic jam..have no idea why so many of my friends still like to go there….for me,i prefer places that are not so modern..like the countryside,…but overall,i will still prefer island life…like koh samui,koh phangan and phuket….

    i am going to start work as a chef at a thai restaurant call Jim Thompson on the 1st of June….previously was working at a french restaurant and spanish restaurant for some times….this is my first time touching on asian cuisine,treating it as a challenge…hope i will success…hehe…

    so what website do you usually watch thai movie and how you manage to get the latest news about new songs?

    1. Hello Cheng, thanks for the nice words, well, it’s words like this that keeps me blogging + it’s always good to know that the Thai culture is being liked by people around the world.

      Have to agree that Bangkok is pretty much like Singapore BUT with a nicer touch in terms of the people, (especially) FOOD, shopping. Island life is good. you should head to Hua Hin, Chiang Mai/Rai too.

      Congrats on your new phase in life. Yeap, Jim Thompson is very famous in Thailand. I’m sure it’s a very good experience – especially being in good hands.

      I don’t usually have a specific website to watch Thai movies as the subtitled ones are very minimal but I keep a look out for them when there’s new releases and find them. You could check out http://www.enjoythaimovies.com/ for recent movies as they are pretty fast in updating the new stuff.

      Music wise, http://www.gmmgrammy.com/index-th.html is the best for new releases. You can also find their FB page which is better.

      If I do come across new websites or something, I’d let you know again. (:

      1. Hihi..i need a favour from you..are you able to help me find Potato~ mai hai tur pai and Glah Paw Mai -POTATO eng sub video or the english lyrics..i wanna learn and sing for my gf next thursday on the stage where she is working…

        i try the net alot of times but can;t find..

  4. I also love thailand!!!! m thai pop n thai lakorns craze right now! hahaha! ur blog is so interesting! love it !! u still resides in singapore right now??

    1. Thanks for stopping by. *thumbs up* for liking an amazing country like Thailand. Even after multiple times of visiting, I’m still so intrigued by it. Hahaha, what lakorns are you watching now? I’m more of a Thai movie person, lakorn wise, a bit soapy for my liking. But music wise, definitely a 101% supporter!! Any specific genre that you like?

      Yeah, I’m still stuck in Singapore. Though I wished I was working in Bangkok instead, but… Maybeeeeeee, don’t know what would the future be.

      How did you started liking the Thai culture? Not the usual language/culture to be crazy over since now it’s the K or J pop?

      1. Yeah!! i really love the movie too! wanna watch this thai movie “SUCKSEED” !! and singapore will be airing soon! I fall in love to thai culture when i heard their song n movies especially horrors one or something like LOVE OF SIAM..Got deeply in love with it! I dont have a special like for genre as long as its nice. but currently my favorites is POTATO and Bodyslam and many more! hahah, Maybe because i am studying Fashion stuff so got to love their Local brands n design! wanna open my shop there!! I am also madly in love with thailand food especially Phadthai, thai ice milk tea and mango with glutinious rice. *DROOLS* hahah! many friends think i am funny since they are more k-pop oriented but i dnt know why i just love thailand and also hongkong! so i am so happy finally found someone who loves thailand as much as i do! =D Cheers!

  5. Hi there!! was actually browsing the web for english translation of a thai song. OMG yr blog is interesting and thank you for posting the thai songs and their translation. U must be very fluent in yr thai, can share how u learn??

    Khop khun mak mak kha.


    1. *blush* Sawadee ka Phoenix, mai phen rai! Kob kun mak, never thought anyone would find interest in my blog, but THANKS! You totally made my day!

      Nah, I’m not fluent at all! I guess when you have an interest in a certain thing (language/country/thing), you tend to put more effort into it. ^^

      I learnt the Thai language a few years ago (very basic conversations) and only recently started learning how to write – both from a local community centre. Well if you’re in S’pore, you could check out pa.gov.sg for more details.

      Hope someday you’ll get the learn the language, it’s a beautiful language.
      Have a great week!

  6. Hello. My name is Taku, a Japanese guy living in Tokyo.

    Firstly, I would like to thank you for writing such an interesting blog.
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    Finally, I did follow you on twitter and I will introduce your website on our account.

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    1. Hello Taku.

      Thanks for the encouragement, I’ve always thought I’d only blog to friends of mine who probably gave me face and that is why they are reading.

      I wished I could participate, but as I am no longer a student. But I’d spread the word in my blog? Hoping that maybe there will be any one who fits the bill might come across and take part instead.

      But definitely, I am a fan of Japanese designers and the culture. There is just something that is so attractive about it. Especially the packaging design. (:

      I’d check out the website for more information.

      Take care and have a good day!

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