Weekly Routine …

Getting my brains fried on a weekly basis has become a norm for me. ARGH! You have no absolute idea how much I’m freaking out right now due to the FACT that exams is in LESS THAN A MONTH’S TIME!

Excuse me while I hyperventilate…


And you need to know…

On the day that I could leave the office (way) earlier than usual, I was greeted by this gorgeous sight, a sunset like never before. It got me thinking on how much I’ve missed this time of the day where I can slow things down and appreciate what I have around me in comparison to my daily routine of leaving the office only when dark falls; usually later than expected.

I recently met a friend who reminded me that work’s never ending (which is 101% true!) but more importantly, family is the one who would stick by you instead. Nope, I’m not saying to shrink in responsibilities at work but I guess knowing when to exactly stop and take a step back. He challenged me to start with ¬†leaving the office on the dot three times in week and gradually increasing it.

This is definitely harder said than done, that’s because I actually love what I’m doing at work but the energy that is required seems a little on the powerless side and that’s when I know it’s time out season and would need to recharge on that.

Start slow …


  1. (Re) learn Adobe Premier Pro for simple video editing
  2. Spend more time with family (specifically cousins!)
  3. Pass my Statistics and Management Accounting!
  4. Be happier
  5. Sleep earlier – by 10:30PM (Ps, it’s now 1AM and I’m still typing this!!!)
  6. Wake up early – hopefully 4AM
  7. Photograph more (FILM!!)

I will revisit this post along the way…

8 More Weeks to Christmas

I don’t know about you but the cold and fuzzy weather here in the office sure makes a Christmas album more apparent than anything! It’s officially 8 MORE WEEKS TO CHRISTMAS! Time has flown away too fast, too fast for me – but I need to find some time to reflect and ponder how have I spent this year!

Meanwhile, enjoy this Christmas album and be thankful for what the Lord has done!