Ally learns Thai

My owner has a huge interest in Thai, so recently she has decided to learn how to write Thai! Leaving me in confusion and my eyes are going x_x!! But I guess nothing is going to stop her, right?


Introducing ALLY the elephant

Introducing ALLY the elephant, a travel companion with the owner.
She’s quite shy by nature and has only made appearances while being overseas. Though she’s not sure why that happens, but she reckons that it is because her owner seems to only remember her when she’s on uncertain ground?! She certainly hopes that the real reason is because her owner treats Ally like a security pal that she can cling unto?

So recently, the owner thought “I’m sure there are also fun places that Ally is dying to visit?” Nothing fanciful nor adventurous, just plain day to day activities? But of course what’s play to Ally might just be plain boring to you, so forgive her owner if it’s starting to bore you.

Well, not that Ally has a choice, but she’s blue by default, but she thinks that her adventures ain’t that blue-y after all. She hopes it isn’t because of having too much of fun till it makes her blue. Heh! Ally was given to her owner a few years back by a group of friends who handpicked her off this funky shop call Daiso during her 23rd birthday. Though she wasn’t the most expensive gift anyone could have received, but she sure is precious as anything else. Ally’s initial functions was as a paper highlighter, but soon dried up. -_-! Her owner couldn’t bare to discard her, so the rest is history…