Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe

There’s been a recent Bingsu craze right here in Singapore, not that I’m complaining, but with such stiff competition, I’m not sure what’s the best? Having came across these on a friend’s Instagram page plus they have newly opened in the west – no better reason for us to try!

Injeolmi Toast

Injeolmi Toast – $5.90

I first tried Injeolmi when I was in Korea a few years ago and fell in loved with the chewy texture and nutty flavour. The ones served at Nunsaram which was incorporated with the toast was equally packed with flavours. Though the toast took longer to prepare, but so glad it was worth the wait. Crispy on the outside while it’s hot and chewy on the inside with every bite filled with big mouthfuls of injeolmi. I like how generous they were with the fillings and as seen, almonds and cranberries were no less. I would suggest to finish it while it’s still warm because when we left ours aside and it had hardened by a bit.

Green Tea Bingsu

Green Tea Bingsu – $13.90 
(I think there was an opening special price as we had it at Westgate which was a new location)

The ice shavings were very smooth and finely milled which made it easy on the pallet. With a good mix of sweetness from the milk and red bean with the slight bitterness of the green tea, I am totally sold over how much these bingsu’s have been raved about. Special mention for the ice cream which left a faint aftertaste which we could not make out what it was, of course it was a nice lingering flavoured with every bite. I honestly thought I could finish up one of these all by myself, but trust me, the portion is huge enough for at least 2-3 persons.

Siblings I never had

Of course, this is for friends that goes out of the way and is always ever gamed enough to try new places with me. I might not have mentioned this enough, but you people mean a lot to me.


Bornga – Johor Bahru

Off we went across the causeway to satisfy our cravings for Korean Barbecue aka MEAT GALORE! Bornga do have branches here in Singapore, but with the good exchange rate these days, no better reason to travel out and have a little treat.


Within the menu was a write up with interesting reads about how the different type of vegetable wraps is good for.


We had to order our usual, the Woo Samgyup meat which is naturally tender and flavorful.

20140903_144228 20140903_144157

You will never go wrong with food cooked over charcoal which is probably one of a reason why I’m such a huge fan of Korean BBQ.




The array of vegetable wraps at your expense and nothing happier than this as the usual BBQ places serves a limited variety of wraps unlike here.


For RM 79.20 you get a choice of 2 sizzling choice of meat served with a choice of side; either Nyeon Myeon or Kimchi Chigae to choose from.

Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant
106-108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook
MF-23 Level 3
City Square Shopping Mall
Johor Bahru

KalGukSu 칼국수

This is BaJiRak KalGukSu (바지락) = Clam Knife Noodles which was the perfect dish to curb those hunger pangs and off to a good start right the moment we touched down in Seoul. Served in a a clear broth with chewy noodles and with the crunchy cucumber pieces, it adds another dimension to dish.

I must also give a mention to that black bowl as it was one of the best kimchi I’ve ever had; dope is probably a better way to describe it, wished I could bring that entire jar back with me.

Kalgaksu (Handmade Noodles)

This is just the plain KalGukSu (칼국수) which is packed with every flavour you can think of, despite the simplicity of this dish, we were too hungry after than long walk to/fro from the Namsan Seoul Tower that having the intention to share this bowl became 1 each + ddeokbokki + oden (not pictured).

Day 05

I would highly recommend everyone to try at least once while you’re in Korea which I feel that it’s especially comforting in the colder times of the year!

호떡 Hotteok from Insadong (Sambodang)

호떡 Hotteok is made from wheat flour, water, milk, sugar, and yeast after which the dough is to be set aside to rise for a few hours. Typically this pancake is filled with brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts and cinnamon. It is then fried on a greased skillet/griddle, and then pressed flat with a special tool made of stainless steel circle and wooden handle as it cooks. As yummy as it sounds, of course it was on my MUST TRY LIST but it was a matter of deciding on which place that sells the best was another issue.

But I’m glad we tried this one located at Insadong instead of many others that had passed us by as it’s known as one of the very best hotteok food stand found in Insadong. It’s very easy to spot as it’s located about half way down the main walking street in Insadong. Look for the maroon signage and the long line of people queueing for their hotteok.

Day 04

Day 04

Day 04

Be very careful to not get burnt by the filling of it which is extremely hot.

Day 04


Take line 3 to Anguk Station – Exit 6

Coffee Beans by DAO (Bangkok)

My recent trip to Thailand saw me having one of the best cakes in Bangkok and I was blessed to have Kaew bought them for me. I do feel that Coffee beans by Dao is a little underrated as it has really good selection of cakes yet doesn’t get much attention (online). Upon further research about them, I realised that it’s fairly popular with the locals too, which is always a good thing.

2014-11-26 03.39.37 1

(L) Thai Tea Mousse Cake and (R) Chocolate Meringue Cake

Special mention to that Thai Tea Mousse Cake which was a show stealer – irresistible piece, as I am a huge fan of cha-yen (typically known as thai ice tea), this mousse cake is packed with every ounce of flavour yet maintaining it’s light and fluffiness. I could eat this all day long and not get bored of it!

As for the Chocolate Meringue Cake is a moist cake filled with fluffiness. I am very selective when it comes to the chocolate flavoured items but this definitely got my attention. A cake that has a different layer with each bite.

2014-11-26 03.39.39 1

White Strawberry Cheesecake

To satisfy that sweet tooth, the flavors are rich and it’s worth that calories! Nuff said, I can never resist a cheesecake that comes my way!

2014-11-26 03.41.25 1

Thanks Kaew for thinking of me and I am always thankful for your hospitality each time I visit Bangkok, this time is no less!

2014-09-24 10.29.05 1

Earl Grey Inspired

Got to admit that usually tea isn’t my first choice but I have to give special mention to Earl Grey Tea which is made up of to black teas that contain oil of bergamot as a flavouring which results in a citrus flavour and aroma and it is this that makes it different from the other black tea range.

With the earl grey tea cravings on a roll, here are two places that I’ve had good loaf/cakes that has a very subtle yet flavorful with every bite.

Do let me know if you have come across any good ones here in Singapore too as it seems like a rare flavour to have; I’d love to try them.

1. Alison/All good things – Right now she doesn’t have a physical shop but do email her to order her bakes. I really do miss All good things and hopefully it’ll be back in no time. Had to also do a special mention to their Zucchini and Coconut cake which I adore too because of all the textures in each bite – moist yet crunchy.

Earl Grey Loaf

2. And all things delicious – Located at Crawford Lane which is near the ICA Building; it’s a small shop with less than 10 seating space but good choices of deserts is no less. I had a tough time deciding between this earl grey loaf or the gula melaka scones which looked equally tasty.

Earl Grey Loaf

With that said, I still have a tin of earl grey tea leaves from Kusmi Tea which was given to me a while ago. Haven’t exactly decide on what to do with it, either I drink up the tea or after getting all inspired I ought to get myself an oven and learn to bake but of course drinking up the tea sounds like an easier task right? But yes if anyone is up for baking and wouldn’t mind having an extra guest aka ME; I’m all in!!

Faculty Of Caffeine – Johor Bahru

2014-09-03 06.20.47 1

2014-09-03 06.22.46 1

2014-10-07 05.32.15 1

2014-09-03 12.55.46 1

So glad that Mommy was most willing to go cafe hoping all the way to Johor Bahru and off we went to Faculty of Caffeine as it was the nearest to the causeway without having to travel far since it was a short trip in. Didn’t order much as we had to keep our stomach for more food to come (I’d write about the Korean BBQ in the next post).

We got the Generous Breakfast (RM 16.50), Minty Lime Punch (RM 7.50) and a Latte (RM 8.50) with a 10% service charge – our food simple and alright, nothing much to rave about but glad that it was at least not disappointing. My only suggestion is to cut down a little on the salt which might have overpowered some good flavours and I think we were also too famished, thus we gobbled down everything in a bite. The drinks were good; minty lime punch for Mom and my latte – awesome! Not quite sure where they get their beans or do they roast their own beans but it was pretty clean on the palate leaving a smooth finish to each mouthful of coffee.

Despite heading there on a weekday, I was expecting no one else other than us, but I was wrong, so let alone the busy weekends! In all, enjoy and let me know what you think if you’ve been there, love to hear your thoughts.


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Make your way towards City Square (Johor Bahru) and exit to the back where Maybank/UOB and cross the road towards this mall called Plaza Seni and head upstairs to the 2nd level which you’ll have to pass through a Malay food stall and exit to Jalan Trus which the cafe would be on your right.

Faculty Of Caffeine
106, Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru
09:00am to 06:00pm

Map here