Spaghetti Carbonara

Every now and then I try to cook dinner, so I’m always on a lookout especially if it’s fast and simple dish. Spaghetti Carbonara has been a dish that I’d often order but have never thought of attempting to cook it till I saw Jamie Oliver’s YouTube video which made it look effortless to cook.

I used bacon (the smokier the better!) in substitute of guanciale (as instructed in the video) and don’t be alarmed if the bacon doesn’t turn brown upon initial cooking (maybe it’s just me), be patient and it’ll eventually get there. After trying out other recipes, I have to agree with what’s mentioned in this version from Jamie’s Oliver YouTube video, there’s NO NEED to add cream as the parmesan cheese itself is packed with loads of flavour.

Don’t skip the steps of having more egg yolks than egg whites as that’s how the rich creaminess when combined with cheese comes from, be generous on the parmesan cheese as that’s what make the whole dish come together and add a little by little of the pasta water to the dish if it’s too dry (adjust to your own consistency).