French Press

So this year, Mom and myself made a small kind of agreement (I wouldn’t call it a resolution) that we will be on a look out for good coffee, actually BLACK coffee!! So I’ve been telling her that we should start investing in a French Press that Sophie has been telling me it’s awesomeness and how easy it is to actually make a good cup of coffee. So the quest of finding a French Press begins…

Any recommendation or what are the things that I should be looking out for?




Moleskin Mini Planner

I know the year has not ended, but I’m already on a lookout for next year’s planner. I like to plan ahead – especially when it comes to HOLIDAYS! Heh!

The making of the ‘Moleskin Mini Planner’ video

2011 and counting

I know I’m like superbly late for a ‘Resolution 2011’ kind of post, but it feels weird to not start the year with a good reason to look forward to. So I started ‘drafting’ this post since 02.01.11 and being the ambitious me, I wanted to make sure this MUST/SHOULD do list for 2011 is DOable and not some sentences to just please myself and then not not complete it at all. *dart eyes at my 2009 resolution post* Yes, I didn’t even bother to list one for 2010 because I knew it’ll be pointless, yet, AGAIN!

This time, I’m going to make sure I think CAREFULLY and THOROUGHLY, making sure every sentence has it credibility and accountability.


In the end, I gave up penning down resolutions as I knew that they wouldn’t last but instead, I kept a diary of “Things I want to do” and they vary from cafe places, food to try and even things to buy which worked out better for me!! ( :

New Beginning

[image via flickr]

Recently I asked on Twittervile where can I find good organizers other than moleskins, which I’ve been using for a few years and I thought it’s high time to search for something else. Because I’m very sure there are way funkier organizers out there. Some friends gave me suggestions to get them from Kikki.K, shop at Plaza Singapura that has taken over Action City, Papermarket, Takashimaya’s stationary department, Muji or even DIY my very own organizer.

My take is because it’ll be used for 1 whole year, so I do not want to make any hasty decisions. Hmm, I think the organizer cannot be too heavy in weight, good paper choice – ink proof paper, interesting graphic is a plus, not bigger than an A5 size and most importantly DURABILITY! I had past organizers who decided to fall apart half way through the year and I had no choice but to tape it all up which made it looked like I just brought it through some 1000 miles! ):

Do you have any suggestions?

Me is going to have glowing skin

All thanks to Stephie, I won something that I have been eyeing for a super long time but never ever had the (spare) cash to get it. Yes, it’s THE Miracle Facial Treatment Essence!

I’ve never been a fan of facial products or anything that has to be on my face – being the lazy me so let alone having the idea of spending $100 over on a bottle of ‘liquid’ that might or might not work.

But truthfully after a few usage from a small ‘tester’ bottle that I was given as a gift previously, I must say, it actually did work on me. Friends started commenting on the improvement of my skin – less breakouts and less redness. My monthly breakouts were getting lesser with each usage – though there would still be occasional acne here and there, but all I needed to do was to soak a cotton pad with the SK II FTE and leave it over the zit which would reduce it’s size after a night.

I would recommend that you use it daily for a period of time and when the acne has gotten lesser, you can then use it every other day which you can save on.

If you’re feeling a tad richer and would like to treat yourself to their whole range, why not right? But if you’re like me, I think the FTE and toner is good enough then for the other products like moisturizer and etc, you can get other brands. Though I am not sure if mixing brands would be a good idea? So don’t quote me on that, ok? ^^

Once again, thanks so much, Stephie! I cannot be more thankful than anything! I’m still keeping this bottle, most unwilling to use it. Hehe!