Bornga – Johor Bahru

Off we went across the causeway to satisfy our cravings for Korean Barbecue aka MEAT GALORE! Bornga do have branches here in Singapore, but with the good exchange rate these days, no better reason to travel out and have a little treat.


Within the menu was a write up with interesting reads about how the different type of vegetable wraps is good for.


We had to order our usual, the Woo Samgyup meat which is naturally tender and flavorful.

20140903_144228 20140903_144157

You will never go wrong with food cooked over charcoal which is probably one of a reason why I’m such a huge fan of Korean BBQ.




The array of vegetable wraps at your expense and nothing happier than this as the usual BBQ places serves a limited variety of wraps unlike here.


For RM 79.20 you get a choice of 2 sizzling choice of meat served with a choice of side; either Nyeon Myeon or Kimchi Chigae to choose from.

Bornga Korean BBQ Restaurant
106-108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook
MF-23 Level 3
City Square Shopping Mall
Johor Bahru


KalGukSu 칼국수

This is BaJiRak KalGukSu (바지락) = Clam Knife Noodles which was the perfect dish to curb those hunger pangs and off to a good start right the moment we touched down in Seoul. Served in a a clear broth with chewy noodles and with the crunchy cucumber pieces, it adds another dimension to dish.

I must also give a mention to that black bowl as it was one of the best kimchi I’ve ever had; dope is probably a better way to describe it, wished I could bring that entire jar back with me.

Kalgaksu (Handmade Noodles)

This is just the plain KalGukSu (칼국수) which is packed with every flavour you can think of, despite the simplicity of this dish, we were too hungry after than long walk to/fro from the Namsan Seoul Tower that having the intention to share this bowl became 1 each + ddeokbokki + oden (not pictured).

Day 05

I would highly recommend everyone to try at least once while you’re in Korea which I feel that it’s especially comforting in the colder times of the year!

원하고 원망하죠 (Wonhago Wonmanghajyo)

As One – Original singers of this song and it was released in the year of 2001, raw; even the melody is much cleaner as compared to the rest of the covers.

Go Younha – Of course, there is no doubt that Younha is a great singer which emits a certain sadness to this song with her powerhouse vocals.

Lee Seung Gi – Never knew he could sing till I heard his version, not bad!


So today marks the start of my very first Korean Language lesson and of course I think I almost died just by trying to differentiate the sounds of k, g, r and l!

To the many more ㄱ,ㄴ,ㄷ,ㄹ,ㅁ,ㅂ…

To set the record right, I’m taking up the language in Singapore, as much as I’d love to travel over to Korea for it. But, yeap!

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아랫입술 물고 – eSNa 에스나

I’ve been hooked unto this song by Esna that it’s been on repeat mode all day long, and I really mean all day long! It’s a current OST for a drama I’ve been watching called The Heirs. I like how this song sounds unlike the typical Korean genre of dance *chest thrust in and out*. It definitely helps that she’s very much American influenced, which brings a new flavour to the music scene in Korea. Do check out her other originals/covers that she has done which features her unique voice! Loveeeeeee it!