In 2018, I’d be Pumping Up Clouds

I thought about what I’d like to achieve in the coming year and this song kind of stuck out; Pumping Up Clouds. Though this song is about two lovers coming together again to just simply relive and remember the fun memories they had while putting the negative intervals aside completely, but the lyrics of “Dancing like we’re young” kept on replaying in my head. So yeah, in 2018, I’m going to dance like I’m young again.

Maybe not literally, but the approach to life, to things and to people is to keep that young heart of mine and stay true to oneself!

To a better 2018!


On Point

I think Spotify knows me more than myself just because this week’s edition of “Discover Weekly” is totally on point that it’s been on repeat mode non-stop. I’m in total need of a motivation to (TRY!!) accomplish a few of the to-do list that I have set out for myself. Here I go…

Charlie Lim x Spotify

Charlie Lim is no stranger to the Singapore music scene (at least that’s what I’d like to think of) as he represents the next generation of musicians who has been making waves in all arenas. It’s more than pure joy to have heard him live numerous times but one that left me in awe was last year’s Mosaic Festival held at Esplanade. It was quite a change from his usual melodramatic tunes which often gets associated with emo – signs of growth!

Having first introduced to Charlie’s songs by a dear friend of mine when she mentioned that the sound engineer who was working on his EP is a personal friend of hers (whom I eventually got to know) had shared the good stuff with her. I remembered clearly that she insisted that I have to check out his songs – “confirm no regrets” and I did. The rest is history…

An entire playlist is definitely more are than a glimpse into who/what he gathers his influences from and I’d like to call it a a musician’s version of “What’s in my Bag”? – something very personal yet inviting. Well it is especially better if it comes with not one but two preview tracks on an upcoming new album called Time/Space that has everyone (me included!) excited and looking forward to it.

Retaining the depth of his song writing, rawness of each song and presenting it in a polished (haven’t found a better way of describing it yet). It is quite a growth from his previous EP album which I am totally looking forward to. With the two preview of his songs, two different genres yet both equally captivating, but if I were to choose just one, it would have to be Choices.


House of Riots presents A Tripple Bill: Charlie Lim, iNCH, The Great Spy Experiment
Sat, 6 June 2015
Esplanade Concert Hall

Two Popetorn – Music From Another Room

So here was my first installment of introducing Two Popetorn and he’s now back with his second album called “Music From Another Room” and in it is a song titled “Something Special” which has a tag that goes like “The best thing you can put on your face is smile”; how beautiful is this statement which I totally agree with, indeed the best accessory someone can have is his/her smile.

This is an album filled with songs for that lazy afternoon while you sit on the edge of the world and see it fly pass and here you are enjoying life as it is. With his previous songs that has a more romantic feel, this album on the other hand seems to have matured in the arrangements (even though I have yet to breakdown into individual songs/lyrics) but it still leaves me feeling all fluffy inside! Coming from the record label company LOVEiS, I definitely hear traces of Boyd Kosiyabong (Founder) who is known for his grooves in this album. Unknowinly, you’ll find yourself moving to the beats to his songs which I couldn’t be any happier to get my hands on!

You can check out Music From Another Room on iTunes for a preview and do let me know if there is any particular song that you like from his album, would love to hear what you think?

แค่เป็นเธอ (Khae Pen Ther)

เพื่อนกันทุกที (Peuan Gun Took Tee) feat. Buddha Bless | Translation

พูดทำไม (Poot Tummai) | Translation

[Credits: Album image from]