And you need to know…

On the day that I could leave the office (way) earlier than usual, I was greeted by this gorgeous sight, a sunset like never before. It got me thinking on how much I’ve missed this time of the day where I can slow things down and appreciate what I have around me in comparison to my daily routine of leaving the office only when dark falls; usually later than expected.

I recently met a friend who reminded me that work’s never ending (which is 101% true!) but more importantly, family is the one who would stick by you instead. Nope, I’m not saying to shrink in responsibilities at work but I guess knowing when to exactly stop and take a step back. He challenged me to start with leaving the office on the dot three times in week and gradually increasing it.

This is definitely harder said than done, that’s because I actually love what I’m doing at work but the energy that is required seems a little on the powerless side and that’s when I know it’s time out season and would need to recharge on that.

Start slow …


Space between your heart and mine

I’ve been missing out on so many things; photography is probably one that I miss the most! Hopefully, I’d be able to get back into the habit of photographing and not lose that eye/passion. So here’s to the first post of 2017!

Jongno 5-ga (종로5가역)

Jongno 5-ga (종로5가역) was the area that I stayed in during my trip to Korea. I personally liked how oldish the area was, filled with mostly pharmacies (like tons of them, so fear not if you’re not feeling that well), loads of food eateries to choose from, and I mean LOADS to eat from. But not all is old, there are also a handful of cafes located around.

It’s also conveniently (might take about ~10-15 minutes to walk, 5 minutes if you’re taking the bus and less than 5 if you’re in a cab) near shopping areas like Dongdaemun which has loads of malls for you to shop NON-STOP + till the wee hours in the morning (they practically close at 5AM).


Gwangjang Market (광장시장) – I totally adore and I think I can spend up to days just exploring the area. It’s quite an underrated market which I think it has lots to offer. I’d go into details in another post with more photos from the digital camera.

On weekends where most of the shops are closed – this area might seemed like a ‘dead town’ but I love how quiet and calm it is in comparison of the bustling city of Seoul (Dongdaemun, Myeongdong).

The stretch that we walk in/out daily from our hotel. On a Monday – Friday basis, this place is basically filled with human traffic all day long because of the eateries and noraebangs that are located within this whole stretch + there are loads of offices around this area.  You’ll never get hungry when you stay in Jongno-5 ga other than the weekends which most of these places are closed.

Lock/Key smith shop with very nice Korean Typography.

The front of a convenience store with the nicest ahjussi who was always smiling. Our daily trips to his mart (that sells basically everything) left us becoming friends and we started talking about how fun Korea is – though at some point he begs to differ. I guess it’s definitely different when your agenda of visiting a country as a tourist vs a permanent stayer.

Concrete Sights

Seoul’s a pretty cosmopolitan country filled with many buildings which is pretty much like Singapore – not a good/bad thing. But it seems like the buildings in Korea are more structured – ❏❐❑❒. Maybe it’s just my illusion but I don’t seem to spot any round buildings? Have you?

Let’s play “Spot WALLY”.

Clear skies + geometric building @ Daejoon Station; Korea.

My daily scene while waiting at the bus-stop at the main road of our hotel. I’ve always watched Korean shows with the scene of the actors/actresses heading up to the rooftop to chill/chat – which leaves me wondering what’s up in such roofs?

Seoul x Night

Korea in general is a country filled with many night scenes even on a weekday which I think it’s awesome. It keeps me wondering, don’t these people need to sleep and work the very next day? It’s a daily scene where you’ll see working adults hang out till late drinking + feasting on BBQ meat all night long and then they will end up heading to a Noraebang (Karaoke joint) to sing their hearts out. Maybe I should compile a TOP 10 things you will see in Korea real soon. This is Part 2 of my Korea Travel Adventure which I’m still slowly but surely updating on, do drop by soon. If you’re interested, here’s Part 1, which is a simple update.

Night view from a high peek at Namsan Tower. It’s amazing to see the whole landscape of Korea from this view.

Bus rides were VERY fun! Though most bus drivers drove like it was the Formula 1 race! *gulps* I had to hold on TIGHT just in case I ended up on the floor. Plus because of the awesome weather (which I CANNOT stop raving about), NO A/C is needed – natural cooling air comes right in with windows open. *thumbs up*

I could sit in a bus and get whizz around all night long. Seoul is a very colourful place which I LIKE! It’s like a huge canvas of colours everytime you sit and stare and something. Ps, I’d update with more bus rides experience.

Caffe Bene (카페베네) is like the fastest expending coffee joint in Korea. Like you’ll spot it in almost every other street away. Maybe because it has like ‘celebrity endorsement’ like a famous drama show ‘Secret Garden’. But let me warn you, it’s not really a ‘pocket/wallet’ friendly cafe for drinks/food but maybe what you’re paying is the ambience.

Coffee wise, I think they are different from what we have in Singapore – their taste is pretty weak unlike our Kopi-GAO. Most coffee in Korea taste weak unless you tell your barista that you want something ‘stronger’ thus the extra shot or two.

From what I heard it’s because most coffee joints serves pastries and they do not want the taste of each to over power one another. How true is this? Any Koreans would like to enlighten me on this?

Words of squares x boxes x circles.

Breathe in Breathe Out

Just got back 2 rolls of film from my recent trip to Korea and here’s the first post. I assure you it’ll be one of the many more post to come along which I am excited about! I’d let the images do the ‘talking’…

Maybe it’s because it’s Spring time when I visited Korea, most of the tress were either lusciously green but without any flowers or they were entirely bare which made the trees look ‘skinny’. During the day time, it was mostly sunny but with good wind and in a range of 18’C – 20’C. While the nights were as cold as 12’C – 15’C. Even as I type this, I’m already beginning to miss the awesome weather of Korea. Please teleport the weather over to Singapore or better still teleport me OVER to Korea now.

*Ps the first 3 images were taken with an older Solaris 400 film that was in the camera for about a year old while the other was a fresh new film used. And I noticed that my Olympus Mju ii has this light ring at the side of some of my images, can anyone enlighten me as to why is that happening? Thanks!!