360° color: a peek inside pantone


Designers, embrace yourself for the latest ‘adult’ on the block, Pantone Plus Series is finally out. A whole range of 566 more colors > 224 more solids, 300 more metallics (with improved color-fidelity when coated) and 42 fresh neons. Tell me how not to scream and squeal at it. Hehe! In fact, 1 is sitting right in front me now. Excuse me while I drool, bye!


Monday Flying

Good Monday morning, hope your previous week was good! Mine was filled with ups and downs but despite that, I would say I had an awesome week!

If you have not heard of Monday Flying, don’t fret, it’s never too late to know this new kid on the block *claps*. Monday Flying is an online site with an interest in providing an insight to Asia; Singapore, Beijing, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and etc. I actually like how MF writes their ‘About’ page with this statement in mind – “With an aim in bringing delightful and interesting lifestyle news to you in a timely manner”. Which is what the editor, Stephie Tan, of Monday Flying feels that is lacking in the online scene.

A teeny weeny thing to mention, you can show me some (teeny) support by commenting on my humble contribution (here), not that it’s a big deal, but it’ll help me in writing better articles and also knowing what’s good and bad in the way I write. It’s definitely NOT about me, it’s ALL ABOUT WHAT YOU ALL LIKE!

Ps:The article I wrote was about Scrubb – a Thai music group that is worth listening to. I’d be posting up their videos real soon! Good music is worth every wait! Heheh!

Thank you VERY NICE!

Dear Galileo (Thai movie)

I have been getting a lot of searches under this category, of Thai Music, Thai Movies and more importantly, this movie, Dear Galileo.

I have managed to find some links to watch them online (check out Lizchon’s youtube channel). Hope it works and enjoy the movie. I know how hard it is to find Thai films outside Thailand itself, but I make it a purpose to buy them whenever I can and I hope you can do the same too.

Please support original films! Without your support, they would not have enough funds and without funds, they cannot make good movies!

*Ps, the show is without english subtitles, but I am very sure based on the film itself, even without understanding their dialogue, you will enjoy it. But of course if you come across any sites with the english subtitles in it and is willing to share, LET ME KNOW! Thanks.

[Image via asianmediawiki.com / enjoythaimovies.com]

let the price wars of the iphone begins v2

YAY! Singtel has made amendments to their IFlexi plans! Now instead of the usual 1GB worth of data plan, it is offering 12GB! Yippy! But I will be double yippy if the increase their talktime to 300 minutes instead of the current 200. Pretty please? *winks*

For those who don’t know, you can refer to this spreadsheet for more details. All thanks to @iheartapple for the information!


I’ve been told that because some offices (actually my friends) doesn’t allow them to view the spreadsheet. So here’s a screenshot of it. But I would encourage you to follow @iheartapple for latest updates.

Click here and here for a bigger view.