Steamboat – Thai style

Thai Steamboat is made up of this doom shape metal piece in the center while the sides is filled with soup. You’ll be given a few slabs of pork lard to oil the pan and that’s when the ‘party’ begins! Hahaha! The thing that sets this steamboat apart from the usual chinese ones that I’ve had is that they use charcoal, which makes the taste of the food good! A set consist of different kinds of meat (chicken, pork, liver, meatballs), seafood items (prawns, squid, fishballs), 3 different kinds of veg, eggs and many others. But the potent part is the chili sauce that comes with it – AWESOME! It’s this spicy sour taste that makes you wanting more. So it’s entirely up to how would you like your food done, boiled or fried. But I saw many tables doing the same thing, which is frying their prawns while we had ours boiled. I’d definitely love to go back and try that again.

A set is good for about 3 person – since there were 5 of us, we ordered 2 sets and trust me, we were VERY full from it. If I didn’t get the price wrongly, we paid about less than $20 (including about 2 rounds of drinks).

The down side is that the soup isn’t much for drinking unlike most steamboat because it’s filled with oil that is used to fry the items in the center, unless you’re adventurous and wouldn’t mind? You’ll definitely SMELL like a piece of barbecued meat as it’s an indoor sitting and this shop doesn’t serve CHAI YEN (Thai ice tea), so we had to get our fixture from another shop.  BUT then, good food surpasses all these, right?

It’s at Udon Thai Food (Steamboat), Golden Mile Complex, 1st floor. I cannot remember the exact address but it’s right next to the staircase.


Went and Back

Yes, I’m back from the land of ‘Chob Mak’! I’ve been to Bangkok like a hundred times, okay, maybe not a hundred times, but I can say that everytime I visit it, it’s a total new experience. This time is no exception. A short tiny update on what went on during the 6 days.

Food In Bangkok

First meal upon arriving in Bangkok! – Plantinium Mall, top floor.

Must have every Bangkok trip – MK Restaurant’s steamboat! – MBK Shopping mall.

Belgium waffles that I can eat ALL day long! *nom nom* – Plantinium Mall.

These egg tarts are THE best! So good that we had to have a few rounds of it during our entire trip! – They have a few outlets: which I would have to check and let you know.