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Let me get the record straight, being a data-addict doesn’t necessarily equates as a bad thing because I believe with adequate control over the time spent online vs heading out to meet real people. You also give due respect to those whom you’re hanging out with by giving attention to them and not being stuck with your phone all the time. But here’s some of the tell-tale signs that you can’t live without data/wifi when you’re overseas:

1. Before any trip overseas, you check for local SIM card/Pocket WiFi that is available and *punch fist in the air* when the data plans comes with at least 1-2 GB or even better if it says UNLIMITED!

2. When asked “Where shall we eat?” you often look into the ‘Search Nearby’ via GoogleMaps to decide on what’s good.

3. Social media is your friend; you interact with your friends/followers with back and forth questions/answers, especially on what/where/how to go about places.

Bonus: Last but not least, you CRINGE and CRY whenever you get a notification that you’ve used 80% of your data plan and it’s still a long way more till that reset date!! #storyofmylife

So for my recent trip to Japan, I have to really thank Japan-Wireless (Nope, I’m not paid to say this and props to Ivy for recommending this site to me) for the ease of connectivity throughout my stay in Japan. With the seamless way of getting your wifi unit delivered to your hotel (even before you set foot in the country) and convenient was of returning the unit via a paid postage envelope (one in white).

To also ensure that fear of your device being out of battery, Japan Wireless provides a portable battery charger. I personally didn’t quite needed to use that while I was out because I would on/off my device as and when I need it.

You can say that it’s rather troublesome but I personally find it less distracting on your commute/day which meant that I’d be looking up and out more than down on my mobile. But when I truly needed to use GoogleMaps while getting lost, it’s there for me.

Another appreciative part of what I truly call service is when Japan Wireless would never hesitate to answer your queries and drop you a note upon them receiving your returned unit! At least I know my Pocket Wifi has been safely delivered back to the company.

TIP: There’s a post box at the Narita Airport Terminal 1 (ONE) right at the departure gate which means you can still be connected till the very last minute. No need to ‘bother’ your hotel reception on the returning.


The only time I experienced connectivity that turned slow was during the Halloween night where I presume the whole Osaka was probably logging in and sometimes when I’m underground on the subway/shopping mall. But other than that, it was usually fast and it was more than sufficient for the both of our usage.



These are a few of the websites that I’ve been using when it comes to researching on what to do in Japan. Honestly, the content available is extensive, so much that I feel confused at times since there’s so much to do and yet so little time. I’m definitely one of those who’s having a bit of trouble narrowing down things to see, but in hope of a fun filled holiday ahead…

KalGukSu 칼국수

This is BaJiRak KalGukSu (바지락) = Clam Knife Noodles which was the perfect dish to curb those hunger pangs and off to a good start right the moment we touched down in Seoul. Served in a a clear broth with chewy noodles and with the crunchy cucumber pieces, it adds another dimension to dish.

I must also give a mention to that black bowl as it was one of the best kimchi I’ve ever had; dope is probably a better way to describe it, wished I could bring that entire jar back with me.

Kalgaksu (Handmade Noodles)

This is just the plain KalGukSu (칼국수) which is packed with every flavour you can think of, despite the simplicity of this dish, we were too hungry after than long walk to/fro from the Namsan Seoul Tower that having the intention to share this bowl became 1 each + ddeokbokki + oden (not pictured).

Day 05

I would highly recommend everyone to try at least once while you’re in Korea which I feel that it’s especially comforting in the colder times of the year!

호떡 Hotteok from Insadong (Sambodang)

호떡 Hotteok is made from wheat flour, water, milk, sugar, and yeast after which the dough is to be set aside to rise for a few hours. Typically this pancake is filled with brown sugar, honey, chopped peanuts and cinnamon. It is then fried on a greased skillet/griddle, and then pressed flat with a special tool made of stainless steel circle and wooden handle as it cooks. As yummy as it sounds, of course it was on my MUST TRY LIST but it was a matter of deciding on which place that sells the best was another issue.

But I’m glad we tried this one located at Insadong instead of many others that had passed us by as it’s known as one of the very best hotteok food stand found in Insadong. It’s very easy to spot as it’s located about half way down the main walking street in Insadong. Look for the maroon signage and the long line of people queueing for their hotteok.

Day 04

Day 04

Day 04

Be very careful to not get burnt by the filling of it which is extremely hot.

Day 04


Take line 3 to Anguk Station – Exit 6

Coffee Beans by DAO (Bangkok)

My recent trip to Thailand saw me having one of the best cakes in Bangkok and I was blessed to have Kaew bought them for me. I do feel that Coffee beans by Dao is a little underrated as it has really good selection of cakes yet doesn’t get much attention (online). Upon further research about them, I realised that it’s fairly popular with the locals too, which is always a good thing.

2014-11-26 03.39.37 1

(L) Thai Tea Mousse Cake and (R) Chocolate Meringue Cake

Special mention to that Thai Tea Mousse Cake which was a show stealer – irresistible piece, as I am a huge fan of cha-yen (typically known as thai ice tea), this mousse cake is packed with every ounce of flavour yet maintaining it’s light and fluffiness. I could eat this all day long and not get bored of it!

As for the Chocolate Meringue Cake is a moist cake filled with fluffiness. I am very selective when it comes to the chocolate flavoured items but this definitely got my attention. A cake that has a different layer with each bite.

2014-11-26 03.39.39 1

White Strawberry Cheesecake

To satisfy that sweet tooth, the flavors are rich and it’s worth that calories! Nuff said, I can never resist a cheesecake that comes my way!

2014-11-26 03.41.25 1

Thanks Kaew for thinking of me and I am always thankful for your hospitality each time I visit Bangkok, this time is no less!

2014-09-24 10.29.05 1

Malacca; Chill Deal

Another of those days where I wished I could be out and about traveling around (I know it’s a bad excuse for super backlog post but …), even if it was into our neighbouring country! So I present to you Malacca that I do miss quite a bit and looking forward to heading back again this year end.

You’ll be greeted by this if you’re like me who had traveled to Malacca by bus – this was at the bus central.


Hopped unto a local bus that brought us to our hotel stay for the next few days or alternatively you could also grab a cab. The waiting time for this bus isn’t the shortest but I liked how we got to rub shoulders with the locals and got to know of some nice places to eat while chatting up during the journey.


Upon arriving into Malacca, our first stop was to feed the growling stomach hence it was Nadeje which was located just right next to our hotel. Didn’t expect the choice to be a good one since the place isn’t well know for their mains, but keeping in mind that we had to save some space for deserts. Mom and myself got a chicken salad and club sandwich.



Nadeje Mille Crepe was awesome as usual and has never disappointed me every time I visit.


Untitled Untitled

Melaka Menara Taming Sari (Taming Sari Tower) is a gyro tower, measuring 110 metres in height and it’s revolving structure offers a 360-degree panoramic view of Malacca town. Nope, we didn’t get to get up there, maybe at the next trip?


Yeap, this trip was during last year’s Chirstmas season! Our dinner was at Hatten Hotel; Chatterz which was an international buffet. It was a huge selection of choice and I liked how friendly the servers were too! To digress a little, here’s a post I found online which shows how Hatten Hotel gives back to the society during the festive season!!



And what a view to countdown to Christmas at the Alto Sky Lounge which was located at the 22nd level of the hotel – a great outdoor view that had live music + a DJ who spins through the night.




Breakfast at A&W – PLEASE BRING THEM BACK INTO SG, pretty please!!

Untitled Untitled

Got tired of walking around and so Starbucks was the right place to chill and super thankful to FREE WIFI!!


We can never leave Malacca without having a go at the CHENDOL, can we? I have had my fair share of Chendol all around Malacca but this time since we had plans to head down to Tan Kim Hock Product Centre to get some of the local food products (think gula Melaka, coconut candy sweet, dodol…) and this was conveniently available at the Jalan Laksmana’s shop. Not the best tasting ones as I feel that those at Jonker88 was still better but at least I’ve tried.


To end, here are some shots that are UN-Malacca which I had fun opening my eyes to spot while doing touristy stuff.


Just like silhouettes in the sky

I've got peace like a river.

And His blessings came raining down.

Best travel buddy I can ever ask for aka MOMMY; and it was home sweet home! Time sure passes quickly while you’re having fun!