Coffee Beans by DAO (Bangkok)

My recent trip to Thailand saw me having one of the best cakes in Bangkok and I was blessed to have Kaew bought them for me. I do feel that Coffee beans by Dao is a little underrated as it has really good selection of cakes yet doesn’t get much attention (online). Upon further research about them, I realised that it’s fairly popular with the locals too, which is always a good thing.

2014-11-26 03.39.37 1

(L) Thai Tea Mousse Cake and (R) Chocolate Meringue Cake

Special mention to that Thai Tea Mousse Cake which was a show stealer – irresistible piece, as I am a huge fan of cha-yen (typically known as thai ice tea), this mousse cake is packed with every ounce of flavour yet maintaining it’s light and fluffiness. I could eat this all day long and not get bored of it!

As for the Chocolate Meringue Cake is a moist cake filled with fluffiness. I am very selective when it comes to the chocolate flavoured items but this definitely got my attention. A cake that has a different layer with each bite.

2014-11-26 03.39.39 1

White Strawberry Cheesecake

To satisfy that sweet tooth, the flavors are rich and it’s worth that calories! Nuff said, I can never resist a cheesecake that comes my way!

2014-11-26 03.41.25 1

Thanks Kaew for thinking of me and I am always thankful for your hospitality each time I visit Bangkok, this time is no less!

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Went and Back

Yes, I’m back from the land of ‘Chob Mak’! I’ve been to Bangkok like a hundred times, okay, maybe not a hundred times, but I can say that everytime I visit it, it’s a total new experience. This time is no exception. A short tiny update on what went on during the 6 days.

Food In Bangkok

First meal upon arriving in Bangkok! – Plantinium Mall, top floor.

Must have every Bangkok trip – MK Restaurant’s steamboat! – MBK Shopping mall.

Belgium waffles that I can eat ALL day long! *nom nom* – Plantinium Mall.

These egg tarts are THE best! So good that we had to have a few rounds of it during our entire trip! – They have a few outlets: which I would have to check and let you know.

Show Me Your Nails?!

I was inspired by a friend’s post on her manicured nails done in Bangkok and being a person who loves Thailand, I cannot stop raving on how awesome their skills is. They practically can do anything you’d want with your nails, all you need to do is POINT for a design and they’ll do it instantly. No practice sessions or trials done and they’ll make sure your nails look AWESOME or you can get your money back!

Ivy and myself were very intrigued by our manicurist who is a MALE, a rather cute guy too! Whahah! Even my mom was very impressed by his skills and decided to have a go at it too. We later found out that he’s a graffiti artist who is working part time to make ends meet, so kudos to that!

I bet if he comes to Singapore and open a shop, it’ll be quite a long queue!

Not sure if we can still meet him, but if anyone from Thailand reads this and so happen to know who he is, tell him that you have all our support and we can’t wait to see greater art works out there, but meanwhile, thanks for making us smile!